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They're really building the the offensive and defensive lines, which you're not both know is is the key ingredient to coming back to prominence to is going to be able to do what needs to be done because I grew up girl, you know, in time when Peyton Manning and Casey Causton and all them was in there. And you know, Tennessee was a pair house. Are we going to be able to get back there with Pruitt? Will doug? I don't have the, you know, don't forget, he sure he was pretty good too. I don't know the answer to that question. I do know that that Jeremy Pruitt is has done a really nice job of rebuilding program. And I also know that coach Fulmer. Is is has been the key to this resurgence? I think he he brought back such a feeling of of unity in one this to the program that was desperately missing. So I I feel really good about Tennessee future. Yeah. We native something to bring us together. And now guess Phil. Fulmer was the one to do it. I think I think he was the only one quite frankly, and he just had the he has the right feeling in the right touch that? I think has completely turned everything around up. I mean look at the basketball program, it's a top three top four program. And I realized that he he he was brought in and his first hire was Jeremy. But I I like what I've seen the the feeling out of Tennessee today is one of great optimism. Thank you for the call. Thank you, very very much. It's been a remarkable show. Mainly talking about today's national signing day. We appreciate all of you being a very big part of the podcast is always available on the ESPN app. And apple podcasts..

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