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Twenty and i'm the host of the show cara santa maria. If you live in the states. I hope you had a really happy thanksgiving. I hope you stayed safe. And you stayed socially distant. If you don't live in the states maybe you had some turkey in our honor. Probably not and that's okay. I hope you guys are staying safe out there as well. I'm really excited about this week's episode. I had the opportunity to sit down with. Dr roy meals to talk to him about his new book. But before we dive into that. I do wanna thank those of you. Who may talk nerdy possible this week by visiting patriae on dot com slash talk nerdy. And pledging your support. This week's top patrons are michael. Gauchet marry neva. Christopher pits june sephora squatty gelati or rica hagman dudas. Sinfonietta's charles. pay. It brian holden. Pedro m rosario barbosa daniel lang david j e smith robert chris and elise christie. Thank you all so much. And if you want to support the show in a non monetary way. You can rate or review on apple podcasts. Or google podcasts or any podcast program where you listen to the show you can also visit the talk nerdy store at talking dirty dot com or talk nerdy merch dot com and you can pick up some cool swag for the holidays. Not only will you show your support of the show or of my dog killer but you'll also be giving back financially to the show with each purchase. All right let's talk about this week's episode. So i had the opportunity to sit down with dr roy a meals. He is clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at ucla and he's written several different medical tax. In addition he blogs at about bone dot com. And you guessed it the topic of his newest book it's called bones inside and out so yeah guys. Let's talk about bones with dr roy. A meals engineer. Scream there And then i'm going to record on my back up here test test okay. That looks good. And then my throat back up and looks like we're rolling on all france will roy. Thank you so much for joining me today. Marc pleasure thank you for inviting me. So i'm really excited to talk about your new book bones inside and out I am kind of obsessed with bones. And i don't know if it's A morbid curiosity. I don't know if it's because. I find a lot of beauty in skeleton but i. I was really excited when your book came across my desk. Because i thought this is a topic. I don't think we've dug into With any real depth here on talk nerdy. So let's start with kind of the most obvious and general question which is how did you first. you know. Many moons ago become interested in bones. Well i you're enjoying being outside in the summertime. Kansas city and so in the winter time in woodworking that which in our basement and so started the summertime. It wasn't a particularly good. The athletes are wash berg's collected snakes. Press a flowers and leaves and so forth aware workshop by things apart and put them back together and so. I guess it wasn't any surprise when i went to college. I majored in biology and then In medical school. I decided i wanted to be north. Beatty co surgeon in all of that with a hand surgery fellowship. So i think this has been my blood pretty much my whole life and then as i accomplished all my goals for being a practice your hand surgery i kind of look around and how i could spend my energy on back in my computer files regionally and see that i had a line for the bones of as far back as eight years ago and so it's kind of been my head rattling around in the last year for years of work done rather regularly to bring differentiation this fall so when we think about orthopedic surgery you know i do think ortho brings up this idea of bones but you don't only work with bones. Do you know this roy. Musculoskeletal specialists and we work from the base of the skull. Went down to the tips of the toes. The neurosurgeon in the next surgeons plastic. Sure they care of the skull in the face. And the thoracic surgeons have to get past the ribcage of the sternum to get into what they consider the interesting parts of the of the body but from the spine Top to bottom and then no up an extra limbs is. That's really the domain of the orthopedic surgeons the but i interest. Help manage some financial issues and are you usually in your career helping people who have congenital problems helping people who have been in kind of experienced trauma through you know accidents or car. Collisions is sort of an all of the above Just anything that could go wrong. That's what you tackle right. Congenital differences debt to with Certainly our domain of care is a hand surgeon. I've managed to lhasa children with the webbed fingers or born with apps thumbs crooked forearms in pediatric orthopedic surgeons to deal with the children that are born with the short legs and abnormally shaped feet in all sorts of things to curvature of the spine issues like but for most orthopedic surgeons that would constitute a small fraction of their practice of the main. Tyco diseased orthopedic surgeons take care of is is trauma people fall down breaking arrest or caring their knee cartilage playing football industrial injuries. All the different ways that humans have founder injure themselves now but then but then there's The occasional tumor certainly we deal with degenerative arthritis also known as osteoarthritis. But it's just wear and tear that our joint sustain with the aging and then osteoporosis. That's say greg problem. Is the baby boomers. Get into their senior years. And if they don't take good care of their bones than they mccrone to fragility fractures in the main. One is very serious is a hip fracture that the we typically say that people twist and fall and break your hip but i think in fact what happens is the end of the die bone coached the if it becomes osteoporotic product in week in person twists and breaks her and then false but it happened so quickly that they don't associated that way but the sad thing is when seniors break there is the fifty percent of Hip fracture heels fifty percent of never recovered their pre injury level of independence. Which means you might have to go to an assisted living facility. They might have be on cane or a walker may not be able to ascend descend steps. And so it's a major issue for half. The people break their hips and then even worse is the twenty percent of elderly people. who've rate the risks. They die within a year hip fracture that it is the fatal in but it's pneumonia or bladder. Infection or pressure sores so forth and so here.

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