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Yeah here we go none the mitchell looks it mitchell bounce pass behind the 3point line to several loja they get angles off of a girl could calls out by kerry hair's boggles out of bounds last touch by yudo denver basketball coming back the other way after they towards the journal nuggets which is three turnovers in the first quarter at a big number to keep an eye on nuggets gotta keep that down in order to get the wind tonight moody a hazard inside the art back behind him the barton right side over the bill samples baseline through the laney threw it away right angles telegraphed that past edel dr mitchell popped out of bounds by us link back barriers inch of all murray going to come back in for them it he'll come in for a manual ludia books that give you the numbers on mulia here but for some reason a stats monitor not working here so far in the first half in salt lake city you think they checked out two hours before the game right inbound goes the ingles angles gets it goldberg whistle in a foul on barton trying to fight through utah basketball the side starters are slowly starting to trickle back in for both teams ricky rubio comes back on the floor now and the rookie mitchell will go out here we go ingles looks in across away seventeen seconds all the shot clock still your for the utah jazz eagles vines ghobeire inside the art gobert straddles a 3point line hands off behind him to engels barton that's through the top end of the pick which is what you're supposed to do eagles opposite corner to set up a lotta tried to shoot a three puts it on the floor instead soft voter from twelve is no good bill sapped the rebound for denver outlook past will wilbert bart got cut off the 3point line by angle there's a pick reveals that goes the opposite way basketball kicked by favors denver basketball the side.

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