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Donald Trump, Senator Lindsey Graham, El Paso discussed on The Majority Report with Sam Seder


Friday august ninth. I'm sam cedar steiner. Which one of these stories will you be talking about today. Lindsey graham promises to repeal obamacare macaire. If trump and house republicans win in twenty twenty meanwhile trump and milania smiling photo op with baby orphaned el paso massacre draws global criticism so lastly a new study finds that police are leading cause of death for young men especially those of color. You're listening to majority dot f._m. A._m. quickey and these these are the stories you need to know. Republican senator lindsey graham said this week that republicans would push to repeal obamacare care if they can win back the house and get trump reelected in two thousand twenty grams repeal bill originally introduced in two thousand seventeen could eliminate major sections of obamacare and shift if money from states like california that expanded medicaid to states that didn't like south carolina the bill would also four some states to cut healthcare services in reduce eligibility eligibilty democrats ran on protecting obamacare during twenty eight midterm elections and thanks to lindsey. They'll get to follow the same playbook in twenty twenty. Donald trump has sparked global revulsion after being photographed grinning with a two month old child who was made an orphan during saturday's mass shootings in el paso. Oh which left twenty two people dead the infants adopted parents were both killed in the supermarket massacre and he suffered broken bones when his mother fell to shield him from bullets and when the baby called paul was given to malania for a photo op trump's smiled for the cameras and threw in a thumbs up it was later revealed that the two month old had been brought back to the hospital at the request of white house staff having been discharged days earlier majority dot f._m..

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