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It was in San Francisco at an amusement park in nineteen fifty that twenty year old Levy meta blonde fifteen year old named Carol Lansing. She was the daughter of a Wells Fargo Bank executive who is described by friends as a miniature Jayne Mansfield. This was many years before lavar would become involved with the real thing. Despite the fact that Caroline sing was underage Levin began a relationship with her, and they were married a year later now this was right around the time of the Korean war and Antonova was desperate to avoid being drafted into the army before congress reformed the draft in nineteen seventy one a man was eligible for student deferment if he could demonstrate he was a fulltime student making satisfactory progress in his field of study so Lavalin signed up to study criminology at San Francisco City College where he established himself as a respectable student. Anton. I daughter Carla Morita was born in one thousand nine hundred fifty two in order to support his new family. He took up a position with the San Francisco police department as a police photographer in this job. He was confronted with the worst side of humanity on a daily basis. Levine saw children's splattered on the road by hit and run drivers women cut to pieces by jealous, husbands and the bloated bodies of suicide victims fished out of the San Francisco Bay speaking about this time, he said he came to the conclusion that if brutal carnage like this was God's will. Then he wanted nothing more to do with. God Levin said quote, there is no God. There's no supreme all powerful deity in the heavens. That cares about the lives of human beings. There's nobody up there who gives a shit man must be taught to answer to himself and other men for his actions, and quote, again, it is important to mention that many of. These facts might be some distance from the truth. When writing piece about Levin for Rolling Stone magazine in nineteen ninety one journalist Lawrence right checked with the San Francisco police department and discovered that no one named Howard Anton, lavar or Levy had ever worked for the force. Frank Moser, a retired police officer who worked in the photo department during that time says that LeVine was never in that department under any name, not only that city. College has no record of his enrollment. Once again, it seems as if Anton lavar may have created a false narrative of the events that led him to become the high priest of the first church of Satan. When asked about these inconsistencies by Lawrence right for his Rolling Stone. Article liba suggested that the police records were probably purged by the department to avoid embarrassment. This type of behavior is consistent with individuals suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, according to psychology today narcissist. This or era Ghent and preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited self importance this causes them to exaggerate their accomplishments and popularity the truth is it's highly unlikely that the San Francisco police department expunged Anton Levinas employment information from their records instead through his own self aggrandizement. He probably concocted a version of events that portrays him in the most impressive light possible. In nineteen fifty two Anton responsibilities at the police department expanded when he was assigned to the repeater eight hundred calls these were the nut calls, but no one else on the fourth wanted to deal with reports of ghosts weird noises. You Afo sightings and various things that go bump in the night. Anton, Levy unsurprisingly was delighted with this opportunity and threw himself headlong into paranormal investigation. He would visit houses and set traps for ghosts, including a camera with a sensitive trigger. Loaded with infrared film to record echo plasma activity. However, Anton quickly discover that the majority of paranormal phenomena that people reported were easily explainable a rusty Ken whistling in the wind or a cat trapped in the attic early on when he would present the residence with these simple cause of their problems..

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