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Was in Ohio for debate number four of the presidential democratic candidates Alex good morning big winners big losers from last night a general they're all pretty much still standing because there wasn't anybody that that you look at and say well they either it did it did very poorly or they did very very well that they all kinda did what they had to do Pete booted judge maybe would be the one who kinda came out from out of the shell that that we've seen in the past and he was willing to take folks on he took on Elizabeth Warren over Medicare for Ollie took on that Rourke over that the gun issue and taking away a ours and and HK's another rifles are from Americans the smart a bit but there was nobody where you would say you'd almost think back to the first debate when cobbling Harris took on Biden and then she saw her numbers go up well they've since come back down but there was that moment that everybody was talking about as they went back and forth none of that went on last night but it was pretty clear that Elizabeth Warren is a new leader among the Democrats she went in last night leading in the polls she was treated that way she took much of the fire our account this morning talk for twenty two minutes last night Biden came in second at seventeen minutes engine of there was one theme of the night he was anti trump that everything came back to the argument from the Democrats of this is why president trump needs to go and no matter what it was added on the topic they would swing it back here's Morris man will not be permitted to break the law over and over without consequences now is all of the Democrats called on forcing president trump from office he was Cory Booker who jumped in and said well they need to make sure they do it not just to score political points this is got to be about patriotism and not partisanship but that very much it whether it be odd I get getting the president now the alpha out of office on healthcare on guns on immigration that it it constantly came back to trump intro by the way this morning Dan is tweeting why wouldn't he be they say he has up and that making comments saying in his view now you can tell it's something to the effect of now you can tell why none of those people on stage last night should be president of the United States well the one thing that I noticed ways the judge was the very first thing I said this morning that I thought he was very very strong Amy Klobuchar lot of people they had a really good showing last night we heard from her kind of more fiery than we had in the past but with that fire speaking of that that you were talking about that Elizabeth Warren came under last night man day do you treat her like the front runner in the sense of they all attacked her and Amy clubs are specifically calling her Medicare for all planned a pipe dream saying how you gonna pay for this are you going to pay for this that's what it was seen I think it was I forget which a newspaper called it the moderate strike back what is kind of a dead feel last night where you saw a really big division in a club or sorry and but and they booty judge al going up against a war and and as Sanders in in some cases Joe Biden almost faded into the background based on just that sparring alone well yeah because they were all into it with Warren and and you're right that in they had to do that because otherwise they're going to be forgotten about with that many people up on stage and the the rules to play in the next debate that much stricter that if they want to continue on they need to see their numbers going up and it's kind of do or die time as we move along here but you know in that Rourke on on the gun issue when he talked about taking away eight K. isn't a ours from Americans homes making this argument they're also appearing out there also too dangerous to own every single one of them is a potential instruments of terror judge then jumped in and said what are you gonna do eight are you gonna go window Americans homes and take their guns and then Rourke said well you know Americans are law abiding so we outlaw them though they'll turn them in automatically to buy back programs in Peabody did said yeah essentially are you kidding me that know what you gonna do when they don't turn the man and he says well then police would have to go in and take on people's had said absolutely not we're not gonna send in law enforcement he says that is not realistic we are not taking away Americans guns or other answers things could be outlawed in Congress of rules of what type of thought it was a what not the did nobody is going in and knocking down doors to take these away and then on the Medicare for all that you mentioned to judge at it and glove which are to appoint going after Warren on tell us how you're gonna pay for this the warrant has not done that she did not want to be caught last night you're a sound bite saying that your taxes are going to go up and Bernie Sanders did it for he jumped in and said let me tell you how this is going to work because his plan and Warren is just kind of you know she has adopted his plan but he said not overall you're probably going to see what you pay go down in the sense that you won't be paying in his view for health care that you won't have to duck the bulls you won't have premiums to pay I you won't have copays to pay but to pay for that your taxes are going to go up and booted judge he said well then let's make it better care for those who want it don't take away private healthcare that they serve a purpose that the private insurance companies there are there people are comfortable with what they've got don't make them give those up to go to some public Medicare plan they went back and forth on that for quite awhile yeah they did and he came out and for a lot of people I think who hadn't looked at him before dot okay this middle of the road thing that he's kind of calling for they were intrigued by that if nothing else maybe they're not going to support him in the end because maybe they don't think that he's got the power enough to actually make it to the top but I think that he did at least raise a lot of eyebrows but I'm so glad you brought up that moment between people to judge and better Rourke because I I was sitting on my couch I actually laughed out loud when it went better will Rourke said well I think people are law abiding citizens that now just turn in their guns I thought I I laughed because I thought man he's got a whole lot more faith in the United States humanity than I do because I I know tons of gun owners who are like are you freaking kidding me yeah like I'm gonna go in and give you the gun that I at one time but legally because now you've decided no I can't have that anymore and I thought I think they'll just think about I did think about every time that the Democrats come into office how gun sales surge because there is this believe that they've got to buy them now and then stockpile and and keep them now because they could go away later I mean you know the realistic aspect of that is that's not gonna work and the the argument that the Buddha judge may last night he said look better Rourke you're doing this to make headlines you want us talking about it but you know this is not realistic well even Anderson Cooper kind of call them out on that because he said that you mentioned in an interview after you said we're going to take away your a case and whatnot that you weren't going to have cops going the door well how do you plan on doing it which was a soft ball in a sense to be judged to just jump in on that but it was it was that was the only time where I went that felt that was the one moment where I thought there was a candidate's massive fail there was nothing really for him to come back on he had no good data come back on that and eight you know and he stumbled around it to a bit but guns definitely was the biggest chunk if you had to look at in the three hours every topic they talk about their own guns for probably good twenty five thirty minutes they went back and forth on it they talked about different ideas but that was the moment that the two day lot of folks are talking about on social media of battle Rourke's plan and and what he says of taking away Americans guns all right Alex thank you so much that had to be fun to cover last night what things and I'd feel later travel safely that's ABC's Alex stone joining us live from Ohio so we'll see and as Alex mentioned the rules to get on the next debate stage are much tighter I don't have the specifics in front of me but you had twelve last night that's undoubtedly going to be and has been actually I think the largest debate ever and then we'll be that will be the biggest one that you'll see going forward all right speaking a debates they were led to referees last night as far as the CNN crew trying to you out you know control herding cats last night on stage and now speaking of referees you got a lot of NFL fans who are upset about how referees are calling games missed calls blown calls replays that should overturn or confirm calls but don't foxsports rules analyst and former NFL official Mike Pereira told Pedrosa money on a on five seventy LA sports the league has created a nightmare with what can be reviewed there was an easier way to do it you could have made pass interference renewable only in the last five minutes of the game you could be used on high and this guy so it didn't have to be coach's challenge they they they have really got themselves into a box and and I I'd look for them to really make some type of change because you know everybody's up in arms and then includes the teams are up in arms now after six weeks let's go to let's go forward to week seventeen what happens if we have the same standard you know in week seventeen and a team gets burned because interference is not added on because it doesn't rise to some subjective level that they're talking about that is clear and obvious in egregious they've made adjustments before and I think they need to make an adjustment again and it's a simple adjustment I think it's you know when you're gonna look to add and repair add passer furs on to replace just use a standard that it is or it isn't maps forget about it has to be this big you know it either is or it isn't them but to play against Golden Tatum Thursday night that's interference and you'd added on the play in the Detroit Green Bay game down the sidelines you to add it on even though they're saying that there really wasn't enough restriction there but I used to say those types of things too you know but it's it's it's gotta be it's gotta be cleaned up because it's it's really putting way too much emphasis on the rule and our river on and the officials themselves Chargers play in Tennessee the Sunday afternoon and one here on KFI Erin Bender KFI news alright we come back we'll talk with A. B. C.'s Jim Ryan never how yesterday we were talking about the case of the woman who was shot through the window by the fort worth police officer who has now been charged with murder in that case well she was playing video games apparently with her nephew early in the that Saturday morning hours a nephew now is telling his side of the story of what happened and why his aunt had a gun and it's very interesting let's see if this can make a difference in how this case goes based on if eight year olds testimony plus we'll check traffic in your forecast on your.

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