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A giants fans. Ed Valentine back here on the Valentine's views podcast and we're talking with big blue view contributor nick FA- Lotto about the upcoming NFL scouting. Combine Nick. We talked a lot about About the offensive players That could be available to the giants at number four. Obviously let's take chase young out of the equation because everybody considers him to be the you know the number basically the best player in the draft and and if he somehow sitting there at number four you know that's a no brainer. I mean I I I would actually like to see how fast Dave gettleman could get out of his chair and get over the table and and get that card up to To to select chase young. If if that were to happen I would. I would love to get video of that to be honest with you. But look at the other defensive guys. We're talking Isaiah. Simmons were talking. Jeffrey Okuda were talking even Derrick Brown. You know the big defensive tackle from Auburn is it. Is it in your mind. Is there a clear favourite out of those guys? If the giants were to go defense at four a clear favorite. You know that you would like to see them. Grab if they were to go. Four Mike Clear favourite would be Isaiah Simmons just because he is such a chess piece that I feel Patrick. Graham would do an excellent job employing and I feel like defensive coordinator. It would be hard to not employ him the right way because he can do so many different things he play in the box he could row. Rove around the line of scrimmage which is something that Patrick Graham did a lot on third down would have one or two down linemen and then just have about four edge to linebacker players roaming keeping the offense of lyman on their toes and blitzing slanting doing things like that upon the snap and I realize as Simmons would accelerate auto dropped back play. Safety can play nickel in the slot. You could do that. He's shown that he's really good and coverage against tight end so I feel like he would be a headache for any offense coordinator facing the New York giants and I would love to have a player like that at the second level of the giants defense. Something that China's just have not had so long at second level impact player since can also blitz off the edge and do so many different creative things so it would be Isaiah Simmons for me. I do look at Jeffrey Okuda. Though to and I I'm a fan of de'andre Veliky finished the year much better than the start and I feel like James Becher system is incredibly difficult to kind of comprehend with the pattern match schemes and things like that a lot of Bologne coverages but even though I became a fan of Baker. I still feel the giants need to bring in another number one so the war to be Jeffrey Okuda. Somebody who can play man coverage physical. At the line of scrimmage things that you're looking for can tackle do all those things not afraid of contact. I wouldn't mind that either. I would like for the giants trade back again. Kind of what? I'm hoping happens unless she's young does fall because I do feel like the giants just need more picks to help this. Rosser as I already said. Dave gettleman isn't really used to trading back but those would be the to kind of jump in my mind. The giants did trade back. Let's play the scenario on a little bit. The giants did trade back. You have guys like Klay. Beyond chasing them. I always like kind of mess up his name a little bit but he is from Lsu and he finished the year incredibly strong. I WANNA get four sacks and six games but there wasn't a lot of production at Lsu when he dealt with a lot of injuries but he's one of those edge type players that are incredibly flexible. Something you'll probably see the run the hoop drill which the new drove for the demands of lion coming at the combine. They're going to be basically running in like a theory around hoops. Really just a showcase hip and knee flexibility. Like he's going to go to the combine and had been credibly. Could combine down there in Indianapolis and then you have players like Aj up an ESA who was stronger. More power based edge player. Much of the giants would go that directions. They do sign Leonard Williams. But he's somebody who you can't really go wrong with. He's not overly. I mean he's athletic. Don't get me wrong. But he's not the chase young or the cheesy on kind of athlete but he's just incredibly powerful very technically sound getting coming from Iowa. Well coached there. Were Kirk parents. So I look if you're going in the second round maybe later Joshua J. Atom Michigan. He went down to the head. Incredibly solid outing out there in mobile very very flexible explosive kind of player. People are saying that he might be tween her. How are we GONNA use them? 'cause he's only like two hundred and forty pounds but I felt like Jane money down there in mobile and he can go to combine and do the same thing. If you kinda shows that he has a ten yard split in the explosive numbers see what is three cone is that Bradley is another edge that you can get later. Shore arms but a lot of production at Utah and he also went down to mobile. Have pretty solid outing. So I'm looking at the edge position. 'cause the giants really need to lock that down? You got to look at the linebacker position and the state and it's really all levels air but just to go back to the beginning of the question as as would be there you go. That's a that's a long winded answer boat but we got it and we got a lot of scouting reports on a few other guys. I did want to ask you. We get to the onfield workouts on Thursday. Now I'm actually going to be an Indie I'll get. I'll get there Monday night. So I'm going to be there Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and my thing while I'm there is going to be trying to get as many interviews trying to get as much audio. You know trying to get around and and meet as many of these players as I can and try to bring some flavor you know to big blue readers and listeners of our podcast of what these guys are all about but for in for most fans for most folks. The combine starts on Thursday when we see the onfield workouts. Just give me you. You've mentioned a few guys already. But give me a few guys who who might be. You know mid round late round guys guys who. You're really looking forward to watching at the combine to see what they do. You know especially guys you think might be might be on the giants radar. I think Akeem Dave is gaither. He's a linebacker from Appalachian State. I feel like he's somebody who's incredibly athletic moves very well in space does solid job in zone coverage from the little bit. I saw him coming at Appalachian State but he was at the senior bowl and linebacker drills that I did witness down there he performed at a high level. I think he's somebody really really good athlete a longer player. I believe he's only about six one or six two but he has longer arms. He's somebody I feel like that could be on the giants rapport that second level defender and then I look at some of the defensive backs both safeties from Utah as Julian. Black men and Tyrrell Burgess Blackman's a little bit more of that cupboard one high guy that you look for. And then Burgess. She had a couple nice interceptions on this year. He's a little more physical. I feel both of those guys are people that I'm looking at Jeremy Chin from southern Illinois. Now he's rocked up dude. I know he's coming from Southern Illinois. Fcs school it's not exactly big. But he went down to mobile and he played his bottom off to be honest he played incredibly well. Opened is because people have a lot of questions about him can he compete with Division One athlete? Come from the SEC. In the big ten in you know what he did. I'm hoping for the giants that he could be. Maybe in the fourth round or something like that but that may be seen in my sneak into the third round. I believe when I'm looking at some of the offensive players. It really comes down to those offense of Lyman. I want to see them in the new mirror drills that are coming because again the combine. It's changing obviously now the the drills at night and they're adding new drills every well they added a bunch of new drills this year and a new mirror drill new screen. Jill's to kind of see how these players operating space for evaluating that top pick. WanNa see how you know becton words who I believe will really do well on that drill wills how they operate in. Space Thomas as well and I think Jeff. Thomas is the receiver from Miami. Who might be an underrated guy to watch to kind of set the forty on this? Obviously the favorite right now is Henry. Rugs you got jaylen Reagan from TCU. Jeff Thomas from Miami. He's an incredibly fast player. He's somebody to watch as well when it comes to just the speed and when I'm looking at some of the receivers going to be a lot of big bodies here a lot of people like to look receivers. I'M GONNA Tonio Gandhi golden from liberty. He was down at the senior bowl he played well. What's his forty time going to be if he could run those four fives? That's going to be really solid for him. Denzel if he can run in that those low four fives Van Jefferson. It'd be running the force that would do well for them again very very very deep wide receiver class. I'm a big fan of Brandon I you from Arizona State. He was down in mobile but he had a core issue so we couldn't play. He should be training at combine. Now WanNa see what he runs as well because a lot of these bigger body. I mean Jason Garrett like those X. Receivers people bringing that up lot you gotTa Chase Klay. Pool is going to be down there from Notre Dame. He's another really big body about a biscuit away from being a tight end I think if he wants more in the four five that would do him well to all right so what I did want to ask you. You mentioned the fact that you were down in mobile at the senior bowl now. The senior bowl practice week and what we see at the combine are vastly different at the combine. We see guys in you know in shorts and t shirts we see guys running drills we see guys being tested purely on various forms of athleticism at senior bowl. We see a whole lot more one on one blocking drills one on one receiver versus cornerback kinds of drills with for you as an evaluator for you..

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