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A call. Papa, we checked out. Lot of lakes after school this week, and we saw lots of bluegills being caught. Some ice fishermen have Maura Elektronik stuff than people on boats and he goes, Ha ha. One guy was making breakfast sandwiches on a stove in his pop up. I Shanti and when I introduced myself, he said he heard my fishing reports on your show. That's pretty cool exclamation point I also got a breakfast sandwich from him. It was like a grilled cheese sandwich. With breakfast in the middle. I liked it. Kids were mooching food on the ice. We stopped by the Grand River near Grand Rapids and the guys down there were happy to see me and said Steele had continued to get caught, Not a lot of them. Along with a few wall life, but it was really cold out there. Linda Soo's dad told me that he fished the Muskegon River. But finding safe ice on a river is really hard to do. He found one pants that was pretty stable and of couple inches thick, and he caught some nice perch that everybody in the house enjoyed and I'm gonna be invited to the next fish, right? There's our fishing report. Thanks, David. This is our fishing report for Midwest Chicago Poor weather shut down a lot of anglers along the lakefront in the Cal. You met area where they're catching perch, too hot dog, Joey, my buddy said. He went back out there after the storms caught some perch. But what's coming up on this weekend? He's staying away until next week. I don't blame you 79 inches of snow. I'd stay away too. You had dog Hey, still recommend small to medium golden Roaches were the best and larger feds took some good fish. Anglers from the shore looked beyond the normal locations 87 street by animal but also by the bridges. Their twist, Indiana There's still going out east of Gary Light, whether permitting And picking up some coho. That's a good sign there, and they're just using small to medium spoons. Cook County Force preserves. We're seeing activity on most of the ice fishing lakes and we're talking about Wampum, Turtle head, Tampere said. Quarry Saganowski Slew Powderhorn Peppas Maple, Ida, horse tail green flatfoot. See made in south bullfrog. Boat body south only Ben Baloo. Back. Exit An arrowhead, Um, whether stopped many English from going out break in the weather for a couple days. They returned from many of these areas really good northern pike were taken and tip ups. On Friday out of Maple Lake, along with some catfish on all on medium.

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