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New diamond. Testers like you know ten years ago. Twelve thirteen years ago. There would be them all day long but now knowing jakup rights. Hey bam was good. I bet i can gap you on the freeway and your center with my corolla. All jokes aside. I have two questions. What was your first reaction when you saw a sad rocky going on you and the hog tapes also. Were you planning to doing when you're planning on giving up jewelry and oh eight hope. Your family is financially physically mentally healthy. Thanks a lotta. People know this one rocket off tape. I was in the room. Like that's a joke. I did one too but his bitch ass how to put it on there right like i've been on a few days but yeah that was. I was in the room so people thought there was beef as like mom emoji member of og when it came to given up joining wasn't given up jewelry. Well damn yeah. I guess i was. I was thinking about joining a gigantic jewelry company. That was going to give me a salary. It was a weird time and it was. It was nothing. Like i ever ever expected as fucking crazy and now is do mill fritzy rights korean food motorcycles and just cut off happy new year old boy helped to see you and your family are well. Cheers for always repin. Asians putting up consistent killer content. I'm keen to see what you gone. Store for twenty one. I just got three questions. What are your top korean. Romans and snacks. If you're still riding a bike would you own a roughly. How many days have you smashed in your lifetime. By the way could you send me some. Bbc's tickers if you have any things much love from sydney australia sydney australia. Top ramen top queen rob needs. I mean everyone loves fucking shit. You know what. I'm saying like especially the black premium shitting rodman shot ma boy nick. Chromatic says family ills that creon snacks faulk. There's a snack. Looks like a baked french. Fry crinkle comfort for countless. Fuck name is so goddamn good. I just eat it all the fucking time. Obviously screw bar kriens. Screw bars the shit. What else Anytime korean anytime law tei candies pretty good. If you're still riding bikes would you own. How crazy is this. His stepson was speak about motorcycles. So i'm currently looking at some harleys looking at road glide and looking at a road king Looking at a c. vio version of it. And i'm gonna get deeper into that later. Roughly as you smashed in your lifetime Nothing too crazy. But in the hundreds. That's for sure. I next question The fro yo pro behind the read any stories. Fuck oh shit okay. Hey ben longtime fan pod since day one event sevenfold side your comment on a event. Seven folds instagram posts for jimmy on his anniversary. Because you tell us some stories about your late friend. It's amazing to see how you've been in the forest gump of music. You give so much background. Every industry much love from five brian. Ps i share birthday with london. Eight twenty four. Yes sir Rev jimmy i met jimmy demain boy. Tall tall cooperman Events unfold few. The members of the band hit me up for grills just actually last year for the pandemic. So i met jimmy in. Oh five oh six. And i would go to avenged sevenfold shows because i was really close with benji and joel madden at the time. Good charlotte so you know we would just all chill benji and joel's house have barbecues and shit and ravages sukhoi don't even know he was fucking that famous you know one night at the palace Avalon in hollywood good charlotte was doing kind of the big show. Come back boom sold out. And i sat next jimmy the whole entire time and he would ask me random questions about jewelry and other shit and just like chill like me him in game and smokers than we don't see me smoking. Was he drinking but they add just rather be around us chilin lino being the studio sauce show at the palm before he died of. Yeah you know. I just a never really thought too much about. Obviously there are huge band. they follow me as fucking random. You know what i'm saying. But he just was always really cool with rev. so it's a very weird thing. When i and my connection is too tall because tall was so close to him. Very weird but yeah. That's that's cool because don't think anyone in the fucking world in my family's would ask that question it's crazy Mr lewis change rights. Thank you for all the game has stories. You've been sharing recently placed my first sports on my bookie. I'm curious to know how wagers and winnings work with online sports. Betting living in california. Is it simple to get your payout and how your taxes working on this. Keep up the great work looking forward. Listen man betting is an unusual thing. when it comes to taxes. I'm not exactly sure it is income though so you know that is a weird thing. It's not necessarily payment capital gains tax. A little bit different but to be truthful. I really try to not take withdrawals out. So you know so far on my bookie one hundred seventeen thousand dollars and i've taken maybe between forty forty five grand out so i have money still in my bookie As far as taking you should have paid out regardless of manner. It's an app no issues. I've ever as far as taxes depending on you know How good your counties. You don't mean because i have a lot of write-offs but of course you are going pay taxes. It is income so just know that a best podcast. tr 200 three one rights. Thanks knowledge every week. Just wanted to get your opinion on some questions if you and your girl were solo without a family yet and you had a monthly red budget of thirty five hundred and forty one hundred. Where would you live.

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