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Sped up quite a bit loop before. This is where we can see what's really going on. Allegra, right is of his short-leg and this the language should be miraculously rowing. It's not look at the lane our left. That's where all the actions that's what's actually being manipulated you can. Actually pivoting or shifting the foot of the so called long way so that the heels match now he's doing his very slowly over time, but thankfully. A. Clip in. So that's how does it it's it's a manipulation of the leg it it's the leg is not growing. He's manipulating them to make appear to that. One of them is growing. I is not even the short leg at. He's dealing with its the longer languages changes angle. This is this is a trick that charlatans have been doing for decades. It's a tried and true trick and Todd White knows exactly what he's doing this. This is not a mistake on todd whites part. This is not a an accident. This isn't an oopsy. This isn't a slip of the Tong. This is intentional deception and he's been doing this trick for well over ten years. I've got some video I think I've seen a him at least eleven twelve years ago. Doing this, it is still doing it even though it's been exposed. He's still doing it. This is intentional. Deception is not a man of God. He's intentionally deceiving people. sodas. This guy. This is Shaun. Bowls Joan bowls is claims to be a prophet. He even has classes online. You can go to his website and you can pay him. I don't remember the amount of looked at can't remember, but anyway fairly substantial amount of money in. He'll train you how to be a prophet. You'll train you in the prophetic shown bowls is a Charlatan Sean is known for going out on the stage in sometimes very large arenas, and calling out getting words of knowledge from people or about people in call heels. Oh, there's a clip of him on Youtube calling out. A young man named Dennis from Ukraine. And he has all somehow he has all of this knowledge about this. Young man named Dennis from Ukraine and no even knows where he lives now and knows about the broken home from which he came in his in his pass. Trouble marital problems with his parents and knows what Dennis wants to do in ministry and he's never met Dennis before. How does he know this? ooh, wow must be words of knowledge. Right? God giving him the information. No, it's not Chombo is doing this literally while he's holding his iphone or galaxy phone of some kind of smartphone in his hand, literally looking at it, he's getting information off of. Of Dennis's social media accounts he say when you go to these big conferences, you have to register. You have to put in your name and your email address. You'll give somebody your name your email address. You've got instant access to facebook and instagram and twitter, and all is all these social media counts. That's where he's getting me information. It's not coming from God. It's coming from social media. In He's been exposed as the how he does. This affect I've got it in one of my recent youtube videos. I've got on my youtube channel. He's a fraud. CHARLOTTE, these are deceive readers. They habitually display immoral character. Bill Johnson claims to have the gold dust at his church BETHEL church long story short years ago I was at a church in Miami Florida. Preaching and there's a false church Miami a different church, obviously named Elleray passer-by, Guy Guillermo Maldonado gear Maldonado in Bill Johnson, our good friends, they preach eat each other's churches. Both of these churches have the gold dust just appear in their services..

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