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Day on cape cod in one thousand nine hundred sixty four he and the other people in the cost spotted a ufo over the ocean and they thought that was cool and they followed it for a while and they got to the party and they told people hey we saw ufo and they all said. Oh we've seen ufo's oh sure we saw you know so he said wow what does this phenomenon. So he starts to study it but hopkins and he teaches himself hypnosis. He said. I'm an artist and nobody cares. What an artist does he. He couldn't suffer any loss of reputation. But hopkins research these people and wrote a book long before john mccain got involved called missing time where he identified the phenomenon people who remember spying a ufo and then sort of losing track and then later in hypnotic regression or even conscious memories recapture memories of having been taken aboard a craft and subjected pseudo-medical experiments. And and meeting you know short grey being so called the grays And all that. So so but hawkins was already well into this When john mack meets him. And as i said john was very skeptical in the beginning but then he gathered his own group around him and was absolutely enthralled and be wilder and captivated by the stories he could not believe. This is happening in any kind of recognizable. Reality interject something here. Ralph because as the story is told over and over again this kind of a couple of different ways to interpret it. I think anyone who encountered such a kind of an incredible paradigm shifting experience would be evangelical so i think sometimes when we talk about but hopkins amigo. Wow but hopkins just jumped on this thing heavily us. He jumped on his thing he he was living in one. Reality the reality that we all live in and then suddenly that reality is turned upside down and then suddenly he starts talking to these people who were all confirming it over and over again and then when we talk about the evangelism of john mack as you said a guy who's supremely accomplished supremely confident and he is basically confirming top to bottom everything that but hopkins is finding and you want to say but hopkins self taught in hypnosis. John max sure should ain't self taught and he's not getting the same thing and he's not even putting these people times under deep hypnosis..

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