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Leapy sports. I'm sure freedom coaches on the move in college basketball, Rick Pitino has headed back to the Big Apple, patina will leave his coaching job at iona to take over at St. John's getting his 6 year deal. Former Notre-Dame coach Mike bray, who recently resigned, takes over at South Florida. In the NBA, Philadelphia celebrated its 40th anniversary of the 1983 NBA title, but it was all Chicago Bulls in the second overtime. The bulls went at one O 9 one O 5 or the sixers. Bull centered Nikola vucevic says the team showed a lot of fight for a big win. This year, no matter what was going on, we always kept coming back and fighting back. We had light up and downs, let it tough bosses, a lot of things were we could have just kind of quit and gave up. But we keep battling, obviously, there's still a lot to play. Memphis rallied late to beat Dallas one 12 to one O 8. It was the New York Knicks getting 57 points from Julius Randle, not enough, though, has Minnesota topped the Knicks one 40 to one 34. We gave him confidence in a team like that that can really score the ball. He gave them confidence early. They're going to stick around. Utah beats Sacramento, Memphis over Dallas as the gris rallied late. Charlotte over Indiana and Golden State snapped an 11 game road losing streak in downing Houston. NHL, Florida defeated Detroit 5 to two Alexander barkov set the Florida franchise record for most career points. Dylan Ferguson had himself a game in the nets for the sins as Ottawa defeated Pittsburgh two to one Ferguson had 48 saves. It's still sinking in to be honest. My big focus tonight was just go out there and be me. Don't try to be anyone I'm not. And just stay in the moment. Colorado shout out to Chicago 5 nothing. It was Los Angeles blowing out Calgary and it was Edmonton defeating San Jose in overtime. Women's NCAA tournament another number one drops as Indiana got beat by 19 Miami. World baseball classic Japan over Mexico 6 to 5, Japan faces defending champion United States in tonight's championship round. Shek Freeman, AP sports

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