Embattled 1st Black St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner resigns


St. Louis's first black prosecutor says she will resign as Republican leaders call for her immediate ouster. St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner says she will step aside on June 1st, the Democrat tweeted the news to city constituents Thursday, citing efforts by the state attorney general, and Missouri's legislature to remove her and appoint a special prosecutor. Republicans, including attorney general Andrew Bailey, say too many cases have gone unpunished, supporters say, Gardner champion police reforms, but has been embattled since taking office. She spoke with the AP back in January of 2020. This is a night ride. This is sin and a message. If you are a progressive minded prosecutor and you want to make the criminal justice fear for everyone, that we are going to make an example out of you. Judge Michael noble ripped Gardner in court in April after an overburdened prosecutor twice failed to show up to court in a shooting case. The circular attorney's office appears to be a rudderless ship of chaos. Marita shuara Jones, a Democrat who is also black, criticized gardener after a driver who was out of jail despite nearly 100 Bond violations struck a teenager who lost both legs, Republican congresswoman Anne Wagner applauded her resignation, tweeting St. Louis will be better off without her. I'm Jennifer King

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