Bolsonaro returns to Brazil after 3-month stint in Florida


Brazil's former far right populist president returned to his country to seek a new political role after a three month stay in Florida, jair Bolsonaro had left Brazil just before the end of his presidential term. His absence meant he did not hand the presidential sash to his successor Luis Inacio Lula da Silva, who had narrowly won the October election, Bolsonaro's move was a break with tradition, and was followed by a hoard of his supporters storming government buildings a week after Lula took office, seeking to oust the new president from power, some experts believe now that Bolsonaro has returned his first objective will be to rally opposition to luda's governments. However, his aim to reassume political prominence may be obstructed by a series of investigations, including whether he incited the January 8th uprising. I'm Karen Chammas

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