What Is Roger Stone Doing in New York?


Back. I'm talking to Roger Stone, roger. I live in New York City, I do not mug people, but I do live in New York City. I think it's overstated about the crime. That's here. We don't need to get into that. All I'm trying to say is, I live here, you rarely visit here. You visited here. I was out of town. I was very upset by that. I wish I got more notice when you're going to be around. But tell us what were you doing in New York and did you say antifa was trying to attack you? So I was invited by the New York young Republican club, which is the oldest, largest and most vibrant and active young Republican club in the country. Former members, governor Thomas E Dewey, attorney general, Herbert brownell, governor Nelson Rockefeller, former vice president, Richard Nixon when he lived all associate members. Verily a John foster dulles an associate member. Very Augusta and storied history. It is a really a vibrant club of young people and they invited me to come in for a martini mixer. This is where I spoke about the history of the martini. I reveal Richard Nixon's own secret recipe for the silver bullet. And then I move behind the bar and with the assistance of three bartenders, I mixed and poured over almost 300 martinis. By the way, The Daily Beast said they were margaritas, just to show you how to actually yeah, they're not big on mixology or theology, but that's the only two things of which they're totally ignorant. But at least call themselves The Daily Beast, so it's right out there in front, you know exactly what they are. I think they're corporate slogan is 6, 6, 6, as a matter of fact. But in any event, so with the way this worked is you bought your ticket on eventbrite. And then roughly an hour before the event, the club would send you an email telling you the location of the event. Otherwise you have an almost guarantee of violence and other protesters. But the location of this event in Little Italy evidently leaked and there were so many bomb threats and death threats to the Italian restaurant where it was going to be held. That they canceled before hours noticed.

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