Federal aid coming to tornado-wrecked swath of Mississippi


Federal help is on the way for the people in the Deep South who suffer damage and deaths from Friday's devastating tornado. The town of rolling fork Mississippi is one of those nearly wipe flat by the twisters devastation. Wanda barfield says it was the hand of God. I said, when you come. It ain't gonna be nothing nice. She's grateful to be spared. That life is more important than anything else. You can get jobs, money, car, low shoes. But found her sister in law dad when she went to check. The fema administrator de and Chris well is coming to tour damage throughout the region, meeting with mayors and local residents. Making sure that the local jurisdictions, those first responders have all of the resources that they need and then second that we start to take care of these families. And praising first responders. Such an amazing job, some of which probably have lost some of their homes themselves. She spoke on ABC's this week with George Stephanopoulos. The national weather service is estimating the damage was caused by an E four tornado. On the ground for about an hour. I'm Jackie Quinn

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