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Big ideas and store and hopefully they'll be funny and hopefully ssim will continue to look like a total fucking asshole and now back later fish for that i'm still unsold yusef you we have built i was really funny no that was really funny doubt that because i wasn't expecting at that time as what it was funny and now back to your allison janney so we're going to call recalling first we're gonna call sophie first she's in pennsylvania and she's thirty three hello hey sophie it sim how are you hey how are you i'm doing really wellman introduce it on now how high selfie how are you don't want you to end i'm here with my fucking dear friends and the brilliant actress allison janney crates lovie later thanks for doing this tell us what's happening oh okay so i'm having a hard time kind of trying to figure out my best strategy and whether or not i'm crazy so my lincoln's mom basically she's made it clear that she has a problem with me because i don't have a really come from any money um but now it's turned out that she's telling people that my boyfriend deuce choosing me open for her oh we to await okay so um how long have you guys been dating all right so we've only been dating like six months and how close as he with his mom okay so that's the thing he hurried he's an only child and his dad passed like henned years ago he and his dad were super super super clothes and he knows mom weren't weren't really all that close he said then though once his dad passed his mom has just become shubert overbearing and really controlling and holding money over his head trying to control is lay is she dean at all is she was any of any all muguna that for a whole other.

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