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I learned something new every day. For example. Did you know that people are colder today than they were in the nineteenth century? It's true according to Ripley's believe it or not way back in eighteen fifty one German scientist by the name of Carl. Reinhold August wondering which developed the standard for our internal body temperature of ninety eight point six degrees Fahrenheit or thirty seven degrees Celsius the good doctor collected millions of temperature samples from two thousand five hundred patients in the city of lip. Ziege didn't matter if they were sick or not. He took their temperatures and then wrote the book on temperature. Variation related to illness Wunderlich noted temperature variations based on gender age height and weight. His research was so spot on that ninety eight point. Six degrees Fahrenheit became the textbooks standard for ideal body temperature for generations and it is still used today because of his work. Doctors began using body temperature as the thing to look for and to identify the presence of infection. I mean you go to a doctor today in. What's the first thing they do? They stick in a room and then the nurse comes in and she takes your blood pressure and she takes your temperature but regardless of all that doctors today. No that one's body temperature can change. It actually fluctuates by as much as a half a degree throughout the day older people tend to stay colder than younger people. Menstruating women are typically warmer than men and most folks. Risa bit after eating or exercise or knows. This guy gets a little warm under the caller. After having a big Mac I can tell you that when all said and done however we tend to hover around a standard body temperature. But guess. What according to this Ripley's believe it or not article? Our Body temperatures have been dropping by approximately zero point zero five degrees Fahrenheit every ten years since the early eighteen. Hundreds the result women born in the two thousands are on average point. Five eight degrees Fahrenheit cooler than females born in the eighteen ninety for man those born in the two thousands measure one point zero six degrees Fahrenheit cooler than males born in the early eighteen hundreds. This means that we're going to get a change to what doctors consider our standard body temperature. Maybe some scientists from Stanford are calling for a change. But what's causing the cooldown. What's happened in is it global warming. No actually it's not. The article says that scientists theorizes that this change in body temperature has to do with decreased rates of inflammation due to antibiotics anti inflammatory drugs. And all over better health all them folks in the nineteenth century well. They had to deal.

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