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The country that's top 13 in both. And they were terrific in every way against Arkansas. Like I mentioned up 17 at the half, they shot 60.7% from the field, 44.4% from three and a 100% from the free throw line in the first 20 minutes. They had a 60 4100 in the first half against the top 15 defense. For the game, they finished 57% from the field, 45% from three, 81% from the line. I mean, just, you know, those are absolutely insane numbers. Against anybody. But especially against a team that is as talented and as athletic as Arkansas. So. You're reminded of, I guess, the quote was from a little more than two years ago. Maybe three years ago, Dan Hurley famously said in a press conference, people better get us now. That's all. You better get us now because it's coming. As I pointed out in the column I wrote, it's here. It has arrived. I don't know if Yukon is going to win another game to get to the final four for the first time since 2014 or win three more games to take a national championship for the first time since 2014. But what I do know is they're good enough to do it. And that's another point I made in the column, though they were never at any point in the season, ranked number one in the a people or the coaches Paul. Mostly because Purdue beat them there. It was like a race from the race by the unranked undefeated teams to get to the top and Purdue beat them there. And you kind of never got higher than second. But in December, UConn did move to number one at Ken pom. And never left the top 6. Even when they went two and 6 and 8 game stretch never again left the top 6 at Kim pom. My point being, I don't know if they will do it, but what the computers have told us and what our eyeballs told us on Thursday night is that they're definitely good enough to do it. We've known that since December. Yeah, not surprising at all. This Yukon team in a lot of ways, I think, is so fun because they kind of embody how Dan Hurley is, his personality, which is fiery in a word. And this team just plays with some confidence, some swagger, and we've seen it at various points this season. They had some highs. They had some lows, but when they're really rolling, like when they're rolling today, I think, I don't think there's any team that's more fun to watch. When they really have their stuff going when Sunoco is really rolling down low and clinging his rolling down low. And they have the shooting to go with it. Like this is both offensive and defensively. This team, I think, is so much fun to watch and not surprising at all that Hurley called a shot. I bet a few looked, you could probably find a similar quote from Bobby Hurley on Arizona state. Yeah, I mean, they have really blossomed in a way that the pieces just fit. Like muscle on set, the shooting works, the guards work. Everything seems to be working at just the right time. And the confidence level is at a level we haven't seen. And when you blow out an Arkansas team, that was this talented. And I get not the highest seated team. This Arkansas team was only an 8 C, but talent wise. I mean, this was like a three or four seated team in the incident white tournament. And they just blew the doors off of them. So I think this could really change kind of their trajectory moving forward. Felt really good about Yukon, obviously going forward, but now whenever by 23 over this Arkansas team, man, stunning. So now it's going to be Yukon Gonzaga. We now have tip Tom's 8 49 p.m. eastern on Saturday night against 8 49 p.m. eastern on Saturday night. It'll be on TBS. And Yukon has opened as a two point favorite. So even though Yukon is the four C Gonzaga is the three based on those strong computer numbers and the idea that you could reasonably argue nobody is playing better basketball right now than Yukon Yukon has opened as a two point favorite over Gonzaga the total opened at one 53.5. You mentioned that you don't know if there's a more enjoyable entertaining, more fun team to watch. When it's operating at a high level than UConn. I respect the opinion. But perhaps this will lead us straight into the east regional. Maybe it's Kansas state? Maybe Kansas state's more fun? Because monkeys no el put on a show inside Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. The New York native finished with 20 points and an NCAA tournament record 19 assists in KSU's 98 93 overtime victory at the garden. He threw a legendary alley oop to chianti Johnson in the final minute of OT that broke a 92 92 tie, got to lay up at the buzzer that gave the wildcats a 5 point win. What did you make of marquise Noel's record setting performance in his hometown and Jerome Tang's program now being just one went away from its first final four appearance since 1964 that's coming after everybody knows. KSU was picked dead last by everybody in the preseason big 12 pole. All my short kings out there stand up, let's go. Marquise Noel was so fantastic in this game. I immediately regret saying Yukon was the most fun team to watch because oh my gosh, this Kansas state team, so much fun. Marquis Noel put on a show inside the garden, coming back to New York City. Noelle had 20 points, 19 assists. Including ten assist in the first half GP, trivia time. Okay. Okay. There's only been one player. In the NBA this season to have at least ten assists. And a half inside Madison Square Garden. Who was it? Tinnitus did a half inside Madison Square Garden. I'm going to be loyal, say John morant. Oh, I knew you were going to do that. Incorrect. James Harden. February 5th had ten assists in the first half versus the Knicks finished with 12 marquees Noelle finished with 19 assists set an in CAA tournament record. He was fantastic. From start to finish, he had an injury scare in the second half. He came back. Immediately had a crazy acrobatic shot falling down fade away from three point line to make it. It was just his night and it was so cool to see after the games he's talking about just being humble like crediting his teammates. I mean, just very cliche, but you could tell like this meant a lot to him coming back to New York City to play in Madison Square Garden, which is like the venue of all venues. And to not only do that to lead a team to an overtime win, but to play the way that he did, I thought was so awesome. This Kansas state team I think it will give you a pretty good run as the most fun team to watch in the instant boy tournament. Don't make mess around and vote Marquis Noel national player of the year. 'cause I'm not above that either. Shoot. I'll get caught up in the moment. Really, he's been awesome all season. And I know Jalen Wilson won big 12 player of the year and I'm not going to argue with that. He was the best player on the outright conference champion and also had tremendous numbers. But marquise Noel has been awesome all season. And that one two punch with him and chianti Johnson, it's crazy to think about how

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