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Of the trump presidency it's a prominent liberal organization with nearly eighty thousand Twitter followers and a tweets who else is rooting for a direct hit of hurricane Dorian on Mar a Lago of course dozens of followers tweeted that they work Duncan Jones who describes himself as a director of moon source code Warcraft mute and soon rogue trooper I have never heard of any of those things but apparently he's a movie director yes three hundred and forty nine thousand Twitter followers he tweets out a story trump's Mar a Lago is in the projected path of hurricane Dorian with the message you've got one job Dorian David Leavitt he is an award winning a multimedia journalist with by lines at CBS access Yahoo examiner etcetera he says drop climate change is a hoax earth here's a category four hurricane with a hundred thirty mile an hour winds aimed right at Mar a Lago with my compliments Greg hardy band if Dorian flattens Mar a Lago it'll be the first time in history gays will actually take responsibility for causing a hurricane Darlene to make Donald she is I have absolutely no idea why she's a verified account but she writes hurricane Dorian missing Porter Rico and heading towards trumps door al or Mar a Lago is a special kind of poetic justice Virginia Heffernan who is actually a prominent liberal writer it would be really really upsetting to lose those great American landmarks of Palm Beach Epstein house of horrors and of course stately Mar a Lago to hurricane Dorian we're all praying for a miracle Jack Wallen Donald Trump shifts money away from female for a campaign promise all the while Dorian Florida hashtag Dorian Florida is looking to be a category four by Sunday should feel will be needed I hope trump is okay with them tossing paper towels at the Mar a Lago parking lot that of course is a reference to president trump's visit to port a Rico when he was throwing out paper towels as people were gathered there because the Porter wreaking government could properly distribute hurricane recovery supplies this list will be updated.

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