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Slattery? Oh, this is joined by errant, son. Joshua this week got inside radio. We're going to talk briefly about the dolphin schedule. Release. We're going to then touch on all of the defensive lineman all the defensive I'm here for hours upon hours or wants to give you a few defensive lineman to keep your eye on the upcoming NFL draft who the dolphins likely have their eyes on both in the first round any possible. Second or third round guy. The dolphins desperately needs some edge rushers. They desperately need to fill up the depth on their defensive line. And this is a great draft for them to do. So all signs points in the for or surround barring any major surprises. Dolphins either. Go defense of liner offensive line on app. Episode of Finsider radio. We talked about the offensive lineman who the dolphins may be targeting in the first round in the mid routes. If you have not listened to that, please be sure to go back in time. And check that out as we name quite a few prospects and all their strengths and weaknesses or they could bring to the Miami Dolphins football team. The NFL draft is just over a week away round one on Thursday, April twenty fifth round two three and four on Friday, April twenty six and the balance of the draft on Saturday, April twenty seventh the dolphins, of course, pick thirteenth overall in the first round, and it is going to be the fourth time in team history. If they have picked thirteenth overall their previous picks at number thirteen nineteen seventy seven AJ, Dewey, the linebacker from LSU nineteen eighty one David Overstreet, the running back from Oklahoma. And of course, just a few years ago. Laremy Tunsil the tackle from sippy? We all. Donald that story. The Miami Dolphins have right now as it stands seven selections one in each round except a six round they have to in the seventh round the dolphins. Are of course, looking to trade back and accumulate those picks both this year and next year. Chris Greer and his press conference on Wednesday morning said that basically he looks at the draft is if he can find three starters out of it. It is success. He essentially said finding three starters is to goal and everything else is gravy, and that will basically be depth and backups along the different positions on the field. So when you look at Chris Greer's drafts over the years, you can see that so far he's pretty much been on track. Although he needs to on more. And I feel like you needs to get maybe, you know, three starters as a perfectly reasonable thing. But then to quality backups or depth pieces that can rotate in there and really make an impact and make that same in. The problem is though some of them have been ofensive, I'm defeat. Lineman guys have not made a huge impact and the overall grand scheme of things can Adolf's find that guy this year time, we'll tell find out in just over a week from now. Before we jump right into the draft and talk about all the different options for the dolphins defensive line. I want to touch on the schedule released that being released today. Eight o'clock PM eastern standard time today being Wednesday as record this, but many schedule links leaks came out through the day. I had a quite a few of them are friend. Travis Wingfield from longtime dolphins had a lot of them as well was able to cover the balance of the remaining games that were open the schedule throughout the day. And of course, all the other beat reporters filling in and so forth, and there's some initial reactions, but we all know at this time of the schedule basically means nothing because injuries happen teams change, the draft changes everything and so forth. So for you out, you know, looking at the dolphin schedule thus far and seeing what you have in terms of what we can expect this coming season where do you see the dolphins fairing? And what do you think maybe the, you know, the roughest part of the schedule es part of the schedule any show. Are there any advantages? They may have what are your initial thoughts? Let's be honest as soon as the season begins..

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