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Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Ate a lot of the problems. We had early on have cleared out of the way one more to clear, and here's Julian Rogers, but that check on that problem in Fort Worth I twenty in. It's going west around Crowley James where we had the accident. So because it's going west to the blaze unwound very quickly after the wreck cleared. So right now posted speeds from thirty five W all the way over to grand berry road, and we did have a gentleman caller earlier on the dirt traffic tip line. Letting us know that thirty five W if you're heading south the exits two alliance and eagle Parkway were inaccessible. So one fourteen would be the way to go. If not you'll have to wait till you get to one seventy but something to keep an eye out for right now. No delays in that direction. Northbound little slow just getting started from Tarrant Parkway up to golden triangle and it's Randy fuller. Checking in we've got a closure in just north of downtown Dallas for thirty five to Dallas north tollway. Roadwork going on there should clear soon. Irving eastbound one Eighty-three, it's clear the entire way from belt. Lying. The loop twelve no delays at all and oak cliff northbound thirty five from sixty seven the split the Colorado almost downtown no delays. There. Also travelling downtown Dallas found Woodall Rodgers seeing some very heavy traffic from seventy five on over to thirty-five yet could be because of that ramp closure thirty-five into the Dallas north tollway. Northbound six hundred five traffic flow from my thirty mosquito garland road, then again from seventy five to depressed and then southbound seventy five so far looking good heading out of Collin county into Dallas. I'm Joyce Nielsen your next four to six eighteen and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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