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It's never great, and also I wouldn't maybe ever give it below. Maybe in a bad experience I'd give it below three forks, but I feel like it hovers around three forks. Sure. And honestly, these nuggets are a highlight. I think these nuggets are a thing that kind of push it forward and I think the sandwich was also in the past was good and now it was just and so I'm like, is this KFC being KFC is the sandwich now just kind of shitty and the quality has gone down. But I'm excited for the future of these nuggets. I'm gonna go 3.5 for this in this visit. Wow, three forks two tines, very good score. Hand holding club. And olden club so far with our guest, I am going to say a big part of me eating vegetarian last year, even though I was working from home the entire time is was thinking about like, okay, if I was in some sort of group situation and everyone was going to this place, could I get something to eat? I think with KFC's beyond nuggets, they have absolutely accomplished that. Like, that's a thing where if I was working in office job and everyone was like, hey, we're going to KFC today. We're ordering from KFC. Are you in? I'd be like, yeah, I could do KFC because these beyond nuggets are good. They're tasty. They've got a great texture as we discussed. They're great for the sauce and they have good solid sauces there. You can get an array of different sides that all satisfy a vegetarian diet. I thought my mashed potatoes were fine without gravy. I checked the nutrition info because we're discussing whether they do have meat in them. There is added chicken fat, or that is the basis of the gravy. So that's not, yeah. Do you think that the bachelor potatoes have gotten worse? Do they feel more like a boxed mat, the mashed potato? You know what I mean? Yeah. I also don't think they were ever great. I think they were always just like just get a bunch of gravy. I remember getting extra gravy as a kid when we get these as family meals, like just have it just throwing on just loading this up with gravy and then you're just dipping your biscuit in the potatoes and gravy and it's just a big gravy covered. I think you told me that you used to get a soda and just fill the soda cup up with gravy. Is that correct? That's right. It's what I was juicing. I did have a point in my life where my favorite food was gravy. It was like gravy. It's so good. It seems it seems like they're pushing fries now to like, but the mashed potatoes and gravy on the Mac and cheese like, that's what makes KFC fun too to an extent it's just that I think those sides are pretty weak now as compared to what I used to think of them. And it seems like they're pushing the new kernels fries or whatever. Totally agree. Do you guys know if they're if any of these fast food marketing or PR people follow you on Twitter or listen to your podcast? Because I bet you that they take what you guys say really seriously. A couple of questions on the chain. We've got a few cease and desists. A couple people have a couple people a couple of people have like, people came to the live show, like white castle, someone from white castle came into reps. We had Rubio's reps. Yeah, we've had a number of number of connections. It's usually people who are, I don't know, it's usually like we've rarely gotten a thing where umami burger I think is the big exception and we talked about that fairly recently Mitch on the podcast where we got someone who was just like, hey, we heard what you said and we're taking that to heart and we're making some changes as a result. But it's usually not that concrete. It's usually like, hey, thanks for talking about us on the show, or hey, we'll try to do better, you know, it's usually a little more general. Or maybe even a fuck you. Yeah. It smells. Actually, those are just those are just our listeners, though. It's most of our fans. Speaking of speaking of the colonel's fries, who is the colonel right now, do we know who the colonel is currently? Yeah, like which celebrity? Oh my God, I just looked. Yeah. It's Jared Fogle. Oh, what a mistake. Why didn't they do that? Even without the charges. He's so well associated with another brand. They're not charges anymore. Those were those were convictions. Well, not to wax. He's a bit of a Jared truther. Yeah. Some people say convictions. I say charges. I don't know who the colonel is right now. I don't think they maybe got off that campaign. They were like different actors would be the would be the colonel from time to time. Was Bill Hader won or was that just him on SNL? I don't know if hater was actually that's a great question. It Darrell Hammond was it nor McDonald RIP was the colonel for a bit Reba McEntire. That was a fun one. Rebel was one. This will change your pace. She was good. I prefer the original racist kernel. Yes. Also, committed stolen valor, never served. No. Wow. I love the fact that he gave himself the kernel designation. Not too high. Not too low, just smack in there. It wasn't a first class private origin, or it was the curve. I'll go four forks because I think the beyond no one succeeded my expectation. And I think it's great that this is a huge chain that they're making this big stride towards normalizing plant based proteins at a fast food restaurant, I think is big. So I think they're well executed. I'm glad their nationwide. Four four. They never deserved four four. If they ever deserve four forks, it's for it's for this. It's I agree with you, Nick. It's still 3.5 for me. But that makes sense. Wow. Well, that was our review of KFC and their new beyond nuggets. We'll take a break. We'll be back with more doughboys..

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