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Government bitch. Was communicating to the crowd in the context of what the crowd understood. So is that it? Yes, it's what I say. Is that is that what you told him, sir? I I said that in the totality of a conversation with one party understood which they misunderstood. And so that was the limitations that were put upon me, okay? James also took the stand in his own defense. Had no reason to lie. In this case, there was So much done. This investigation from top to bottom. There was no reason to life it is. Jane's attorney, Thomas Clay, says they will appeal the decision to the circuit Court. ABC News has learned. A grand jury in New York has voted to indict the Trump Organization's chief financial officer, Alan Weiss, Oberg. The charges are expected to be unsealed today when Y Solberg and Organization representatives are doing court why Solberg has already surrendered to federal officials. They are expected to face tax fraud charges. ABC is Andrew Denberg, keeping an eye on it. On Wednesday, Trump ignored questions about the criminal charges while in Texas, where he held a campaign style event along the border. The former president himself is not expected to be a part of these charges, and he's denied all wrongdoing, recently, dismissing the investigation as politically motivated. And we're going to end with dinosaurs. Apparently, they were headed towards extinction long before an asteroid killed them. Anyway. Some scientists are releasing a new studies showing that the dinosaurs were fighting for survival when the galactic rock struck what is now Mexico? Said the dinosaurs were long in decline as many as 10 million years before the asteroid strike. However, there is some controversy with the new studies. Some contradictory research shows. The dinosaurs were thriving at the time that the asteroid crushed them. And scientists are finding fault with the new research is patchy fossil record. And why are you doing this story? We have arguments over this. That's your ridiculous scientists arguing. This story apparently upset Toni Kroos. We'll talk about it again later. Your next news update is at 7 30. I'm Will Clark NewsRadio 8 40. That was the same thing..

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