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Wouldn't call him very yeah call him very durable if we if we would have thought about it a long time ago it would have been marshawn lynch oh absolutely even though he came back he did retire yes he did come back but you're just looking at this whole thing going oh my god yeah like the way he ran the way he took the ball every single snap every game you're going tam but you talk about these these running backs were thirty and over and to be honest with you i see demarco murray retirement talk about that just goes to show me how great frank chorus who's getting ready to sit up but the dolphins this year i mean he's thirty five years old and he is still grinding and still productive yep yep and he's still our favorite yeah both you and i we love them or anything absolutely in the respect that you know we have towards him i think is even better but then we got gotta look at this thing too when you go who is frank gore oh frank gore is the most durable running back ever to play has to be right i would agree with that i i'm not going to quibble with you over that because i i can't think of another of another name at thirty five years old him getting ready to play for the dolphins this year for what his his thirteenth nfl season i believe what did he come into just represent the you probably there in miami that's right yes exactly he was born in this you look at this thing and you go i wish i i hope he has a swansong with with with the niners yeah i mean especially with everything going on in santa clara now shanahan i mean that he would care if he he plays a snap i just wanted to one day side thing and i would love retires the niner is he's a forty nine i got my guy please tell me jj watt non running back though i get it but jj watt i abso with all the injuries i mean have we ever really i don't know how he does it either jay doesn't and he's he's hurt all the time he's always heard but i would love to see sixteen weeks of just straight jj can you imagine we just get one year cloudy one full year of the both of them oh that's so nasty to even think about it just unfortunately we haven't seen the both of them at the peak at the same time that's what's frustrating if you're texans fans that's got to be frustrating to think about with clowney being the potential that he hasn't had jj watt i mean he's still a fantastic player but at the same time now you just wish if they weren't hurt all the time what with all the texans be like think about dates shawn watson com combine the defense with the offense we saw how that thing ran win when you know right before you tore his acl this year i mean oh god but jj watt like not one injury was minor now i mean he was jolly he's playing through dings he had they were massive injuries oh absolutely so at what point with these guys visit accumulate too i can't do this anymore i think it i think it really is based on the individual and and what your heart tells you the you know the nfl is a game that you have to have absolute passion for jj watt who had the surgery for a herniated disc to sue back up for the next year and then what was that two thousand sixteen he had that and then last year rolling out he's gonna come back this year it's it's pretty impressive to see that but at the same time you're like good god you think about yourself for a second that's all i'm saying yeah he he's he's one he like when jj watt.

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