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That that a purchase of the community and that's important as well as I want to reiterate that you are running for the House of Representatives that you're sick things. Okay. Well with your current political status, is there any final thoughts that you want to give to the listeners just to again you sell off and just stay engaged in the process no matter how disgruntled you are with your current conditions as a generation. This is our moment in time and it's off. Word space to do what's necessary to move our country forward. We can't just do nothing because we're just run we must affect the process of continuing to affect the process and not just by voting. Your dollar is way more important than your vote. The Asians are the least voting population in the country the most economically secure population in the country. So we must couple all that activity Alan dala or what we doing our business at the altar courtroom developing the bank teller, we we must control all things that move our community forward to make us more solid. So just thinking that if if the slave had no Revolt this think if they just would have just you know, what it's going to be like this we might as well just stay put our progress would not be where it is today. So if I if we want to somehow get out of this place, Must continue to push forward and do things to make us more economically secure and to stabilize our families so that our grandchildren may be the one that breaks through the ice. And actually they're maybe their Generations Palm Court. So I just think we should all stay engaged. Absolutely and they one thing that you said that resonated with me Asians do not vote. I didn't realize that until you said something like, you know, what ever seen an Asian American Film. Wow, you've been money. That's something get the money build families build community that you telling you telling at all. So thank you sir. All of your information will be included on the description of the episode on my website at ww.w. Once again, I want to say thank you so much for coming onto the show today. I really appreciate you and you are listening to Lady T speaks..

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