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Everyone could see like your relief with that home run and everyone the dugout with but like it must be so fucking doing in April and may just like here that where anytime you strike out. You just you're like someone's going to say that even in spring training every time you know, MIR Burwood hit. That's all they talk about and took it, and I'm not paying attention to it, but it's just repetitive and don't get me wrong. Grades good guy. But like I want him to succeed, but the guy can't stay away from the injury bug. But it's like let's play whatever happens happens. It's a part of the game, and it's fun competition. It brought out the best in us. And, you know, may the best man win lucky. I got that chance. Birdie just kinda hurt his foot or whatever. So it's part of it. You know, I wish there was more of these competitions and baseball, like some of these younger guys getting opportunities over guys that have had a definite long time, but it's good for the game. So when you come over from Saint Louis last year, very much like a diamond in the rough so to speak, and no one really knows a ton about you, but get over to New York you hit three thirty fifteen home runs when the Ke's I traded for you to casper men, or anyone from the analytics department come up to you and say, like this is why we took a chance on you. Yeah. Once I kind of, you know, started hitting a little bit better and a lot of the guys like all right. A little guys are constantly walking around locker room on the field and stuff. And they started coming out there with you. I was one of the guys that scouted, you like we were scouting you like for, like two months. And I was like, what's like cool. I'm playing in some random city, and tripling the Moines Iowa or something like that. And just by four Yankee scouts at that game like, and I had no idea. Gone out the night before three in the morning. So before that game, we see that trait. And like I mean at the time like no one note, no one in New York, like has ever heard of Luke, what we just think because I think it was also international signing bonus money, which Cashman loves to people thought that was the main part, and then you find out you've been just it on their radar for three months. They've been waiting for that. Perfect time is pretty Kuhlman, and especially in those guys start coming up to you. And, you know, they're telling you all these stats kinda why don't even know. But I mean that's what the game started into, and what year all those guys kinda give you confidence outside of the stats that, you know, it's, it's pretty cool, and it's crazy. How far these computers have gone with baseball. And are you more of numbers guy or you feel? It's I think it's, it's harder for a lot of I mean I like love video. I watched all the time. But like. When I like, let's say I face like like, I'm gonna go off of what I've seen in like you faced him enough. Yeah. I I'm not going to dive down into the stuff. And like a lot of us like to look at their previous starts. Kinda see, you know, what kind of pitches we're working for them. But then I mean like the guy could be a fastball slider gun slaughters on. So he's throwing more changes came, so it's, it's something you have to pay attention. And it's a feel thing during the game. So. You still got to be a baseball player in watch the game. And you know, kind of figure out what's going on. Because baseball is that game we're supposed to fail at times. I feel that people always talk about the pressure of playing in New York..

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