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Euro twenty twenty and event that had been delayed due to covid the olympics are also right on the horizon also thrown into flex by the coronavirus pandemic. But you have this documentary feature that. You've been preparing for east sixty. That feels like it sits at the center of this entire messy ven diagram. It is about sports it is about science it is about the pandemic and the olympics and one particular family. First of all pablo is a gift of a story. It's a reporter's dream julie. Foudy is an olympic and world cup champion with the us women's national team and now she's a soccer commentator and reporter for espn. You have a mom who is a scientist who has toiled for decades on something that she believes deeply in. And this technology that led to the pfizer and madonna vaccine. That's the scientific community. Took so long to understand. You have a daughter who's an athlete who doesn't realize her full potential until later in life and their combined journey and a willingness to grind it out in the best of ways and just figure it out along the way has literally changed the world and saved millions of lives perseverance. That's pretty much my my life. My family's life in a nutshell and you spend time talking to these two women about their stories that are so entwined julie there. Susan francia the of the family in this world class rower defined odds and trying to keep forging ahead even when all sorts of challenges or being thrown your way. So you know what that's like in sports. My mama's lived at in science lot of ups and downs than you really appreciate those those ups and her mother dr kate. Correo a biochemist to has been toiling in labs for decades and a discovery of hers led directly to the corona virus vaccine. It was always what we started. We wanted to finish with. I see everything is potential to do the work and what it could mean for others So i know. The story will culminate in the pfizer vaccine. The moderna no vaccine as well. These are things that we can draw a straight line from dr correo but the beginning of the story. Where would you start that. The story actually starts in communist hungary where she was born in and it starts in in nine in the eighties really because she gets her. Phd dr creko gets her phd eighty to her daughter. Susan was born that same year. I used without her story. That i shook her hands in that introduced myself and said hello. Suzanne i am your mother. I never talked to her. Like a child you know that always like another person and and she learned some complicated words early on because i was talking about bras miniature inactivate. She gets fired from her research job shortly after that and the funding is pulled for her to do her work and she's out of options so she comes to america so to get to america. I know this is cold. Wartimes julie. I imagine it's not just a matter of buying a ticket and easily starting a new life in a whole different place. no it wasn't like that. So in communist hungary at the time they really wanted to deter people from leaving the country and so they were only allowed to travel. If you were going gonna leave the country with fifty dollars on them so and this is the first part of the amazing story. Is they decide that they're going to sell their car on the black market and they get about twelve hundred dollars for this and so they so it into susan their daughter who's two and a half at the time her teddy bear literally they talk about performing this operation on the back of teddy bear because they said look. No one's going to look at susan and susan is now the smuggler exactly with the cute little teddy bear. So my parents laugh that i was like. Oh she's the smuggler. she's the criminal. It's definitely brings up some emotions for me because it really just shows where we came from and the risk. My parents were willing to take to make for a better life. So you have a family. You have a phd in biochemistry. You have her husband bella. You have their daughters susan and when they get there of course there isn't a ton of career prospects in the one thousand nine hundred eighty s. There's not a lot of money for them. Was something that was crushing today. Notice how hard all of this was. Dr krikah's background and hungary is and she says it very matter of fact wonderful upbringing hungry but we didn't have running water. We didn't have electricity. My dad was a butcher and it was a very happy and very simple upbringing. And so when she gets to america and they're struggling to to make it work with a young daughter and susan. It was like this is what we do and then my husband he had to do. Odd jobs could grass and clean windows. What whatever job was available. And i went to the university to work. What a dan do so he started working up the apartment complex that we moved to and he's still works at that same apartment complex thirty years. So dr kerry go eventually winds up at the university of pennsylvania. Julie and that's where she really starts to focus on her theories about messenger n. a. m. How'd you describe how that went early on will just a little background and i'm not a scientist. So you're going to get the laymen's version of this on mr rene. Essentially what she felt is it could be used to tell cells to do anything. So for example for the covid vaccine if you inject marinade into your body your cell start producing this spike protein. That the real virus uses to infect you and your body detects this new protein in it recognizes it as a foreign threaten. It starts producing antibodies to fight it the problem though being that when they were first testing this synthetic mr in a it produced a dangerous inflammatory response in animals. And that was really the hiccup so her path at penn. I know wasn't smooth. Julie how'd you describe the setbacks that she was facing so much of a labs existence at universities of course depends on grant. Money and dr kriegel was having.

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