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So it sounds like a big deal. Jeff birding not being. Still company president right, right? There's no longer general manager the reports are at wants someone with a little more of a like a soccer specific background a history in soccer, and Jeff handle more the business side. But our our next guests Pat Brennan has the latest Pat how you doing buddy? Hey, how are you guys? What? Yes. So what do you hear what these reports that came out? I start hearing early this morning. Yeah. So I was able to them. Sources as well. Has undertaken the task of filling a newly well, it's it's a newly created all obviously still baking and they've been interviewing candidate. For as you guys mentioned, a more soccer minded general manager as opposed to kind of what Jeff is now, which is an all purpose general manager for business soccer team, and I would put the stadium and its own very special separate category there. So this is someone who will be able to basically focus on, you know, carry out the normal functions of what you would expect the general manager and technical director Luke's does kind of forming the playing identity will report this person. And by understanding is that that person would report to Jeff who would then report to ownership. So in a way, Jeff is still kinda sorta going to have a hand in the personnel side. But not nearly as much as he had up to this point that Brennan from the Enquirer covers FC Cincinnati. And Pat is is this a surprise because they're they're kind of now. Saying well, we were planning on doing this all along by right? Yeah. That's interesting. Isn't it? Now, I. Well, look, I think explain it to someone else this way burning racist hand last week and took some responsibility for part of what led to the firing Alan Koch. And he said the firing is what we hear the change. We're here to talk about today. So this change, I think is maybe some of the corrective action that he was hinting at in addition to firing Alan, and I think it's a signal that. Yeah, we probably stumbled out of the gate in a number of areas more so than maybe we would have even expected for an expansion team. And it's it's look I don't think this is easy for Jeff. I think he took an immense amount of cried of the work that he did on the soccer side. I think for someone is of his experience to go and do what he did, you know this season so far outstanding eight did pretty well over the previous three years. You know, they want to regular season championship and won a trophy for the city, which he emphasized last week. It's such a huge thing because you guys always surprised poll. Westside cincinnatian. So I don't I don't I think this is probably I'm guessing this is probably a tough pill to swallow for Jeff. But I think he also acknowledges there there's probably some acknowledgment there. I would imagine that this is. This is what's necessary, and they need someone who is truly been in the game at the highest levels throughout their entire life. That's really what you need for this job. No question about look. I know Jeff pretty well. I happen to really like him. I think he's kind of a raw deal in a lot of the criticism with this. I think it's just some things he's wrapped up in that. He shouldn't be having to deal regardless that, he'll be the first one to tell you. He's not a hasn't been in. He's not a soccer lifer. And usually people that are getting badgers exactly are have experience past experience of skipping a scout. And then being a regional scout. Then being this nothing for years and years and years, but watching tape on soccer players from this city from that country, and this and that meth how it usually works in football, the general manager are they start off as like a scout at like age twenty one and you come your way in that role. You know couple of decades later, so yeah, I think. He'd be the first one to tell you. That's not really him EEO has kids played soccer. And he obviously knows a lot about it. But I would think that role needs to be someone who can know the finer points of the different attributes needed to play soccer and Jeff can still handle right? The like, the, you know, the salad whatever the salary cap situations are get someone who actually knows how to really really look at talent. And evaluate and Bill. Yeah, listen, hey, Jeff walk into a bar today. And someone turned on a soccer match. He could talk circles around the average soccer fan about soccer. You know, the guys very intelligent about the game. But like, you you just said a perfectly this is just a job for a different caliber of soccer mind. And I think Jeff is done one of his great achievements for all the all the things that he does really well individually, and I think he does a lot of things really well individually one of his greatest strength is knowing when and where and how and to whom he needs to delegate. Pass. And this is a perfect example of that. And ultimately, I think this is like I said not to. It was a miserable general manager, you know. If they were arguably the best team in the second division over the last three years, which is nothing to scoff at it really, isn't that is no that's no small consolation prize. And you know, he had a and, hey, listen, the jury is still out on what may come to be of this season. We know the the season get off to start that everyone wanted, but you they've already taken corrective action the obviously going to take some more. And this group of players that he assembled may prove to be worthy of the playoffs, and that would be another better ingest cap GM, so the I think this is less of an Dighton of the job that Jeff did and more like I said more of an acknowledgement that he he was kinda he hey, we told you about earlier, Pat. I mean, let's face it. He had a pre damn good roll up until you know, the latest stages dorm hall considered those guys had. A natural love for the last couple of three or four years. Yeah. Look, here's the here's another thing. The people that you're you're you're so right. And it plays off the point. I wanted to make coming on. You know, these aren't the other thing here is that these aren't lifetime appointments, and I have every confidence that Jeff will obviously still having the Carlin third at the ownership. He'll leave FC Cincinnati. When he starring well ready to they'll do it on good terms. I'm certain that'll be the case what these aren't lifetime appointments. They are graduating they have graduated up a level, and they're just a areas of the operation where over the first eleven batches, they realize take maybe we need to accelerate the process here. And this process is obviously been ongoing, but we're starting to talk about it now because it's very relevant to the coaching piece which can't start until you have the GM. So right now now actually turns out to be the focus. Of what's happening in the organization, according to sources, and the other reports that you guys mentioned they need to get the GM piece ironed out. And I think that is as if not more important than the head coaching piece completely honest with, you know, question about now, Pat is there any scenario in your mind, or in your opinion, where Jeff says, you know, what the hell with it? No. Question if he says, look, I built this team and did all this and the row the first sign of us not meet neck speculations in the span of three years. I get kind of demoted here. I mean, I don't know fair question. Yeah. Absolutely. Look this is. This isn't good news for him. I don't think you know, what? I mean, the fact that I mean, I it's it's good for the organization, but as an individual element of pride that's gonna kick in here. And. You know, it's not a rebuke of the work that he's done. I don't wanna call it in an indictment. But, you know, obviously, Jeff isn't the guy for this wall. So it, you know, he maintains his title as president. And in some ways, you could say that while he's still keeping a hand in the personnel aside, and he's going to be he's going to have the Dennis Carroll. The kinda feel oh reporting to him. And then he'll be liaisons the ownership group. I don't think man that would. I mean, he's he's just like he's such a pliable guy. And I know he's so proud of what he's built here. I don't see that scenario playing out, man. That's a great question. You and we could have in hav out that for our good we. Yeah. Right. All right. Well, that Pat Brennan will let you go, man. Thanks so much. We're talking to. Hey, thanks, a lot guys. Appreciate it. Thanks brennan. He covers FC Cincinnati four the Enquirer haven't either. But you know, whatever some people, take news and different ways. Yeah. He played a string out. You know? There's nothing to be ashamed of here. Really? Maybe he'll start a competing soccer team and Suzanne then we'll get here wish which is another stadium. Right FC. Newport..

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