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UFC Two five against Eddie Alvarez he returns what almost three and a half years later and gets that next win against Donald Surani Saturday night in Las Vegas not std's minimalist right aerial. Welcome back. Thank you House Vegas. I enjoyed a lot more the second time around. Because your guy didn't get whipped right. It was a lot of fun. I mean I had heard so many things about what to expect at a conor McGregor fights and it lived up the high the build up to the fight after Holly Home Finish. The second fight was done. The temperature in the room changed the you could feel the tension Shinde anticipation like the UFC rolls out the metaphorical red carpet for Conor McGregor. They were changing the lights into the colors of the Irish flag. The Irish Irish music. Got Everyone so hyped. It was exciting. I love being there and then the knockout of course deplace went wild. It was so cool to see person. Did it live up to the hype I mean. I think it did like Eric. A lot of people texting me. I mean did you see that. Hey I know you're there. I'm sorry it only. I'm sorry. It only lasted forty seconds. And I'm like no. That was great. I don't don't care that only lasted forty seconds. Yes you would like to see a bigger sample size just to see for the future. How he looks at welterweight but see that and at forty seconds the way he you did this to be in command from start to end it was sick? I'M NOT GONNA lie like it was sick. I don't care that ended prematurely. Yeah I feel like most people who were there even felt like they got their money's worth all right. What's the tip okay? So this is something that I have tried to integrate into my life past few weeks so we all have our to do. WAS I. Don't off your to do with sky area but I'm a big to do guy and a thing I've noticed is that we liked to put really small tasks on our to do list things that we know so we can get done because we're all wired to feel like we're being productive all the time. We love the feeling of being productive and that being productive getting things done crossing off the list. Then we're having a good day. We're doing what we're supposed to do. But what I have noticed. Is that those small task. Those easy task often what we do I to get them out of the way because they they don't require much mental capacity and the tougher task the ones that we really should be dedicating our time to the more creative tasks. Whether it's you want you I want to read you want to write. You have to come up with ideas for things for work or for whatever it is. We often leave those on the back burner because we're to secretly Lee avoiding them and we don't want to use the brain Pavley rather feel productive and get stuff don rather than maybe dedicate our time to focus to one single task so what I recommend. Is those hardest things and your to do list that you have to do that. Require more brain power. You have to bring herself to do those I for me personally. I do these things in the morning. This is when I wake up super early around like five. Am Eastern so. I try to front load the things that I WANNA do. My creative projects that I feel will make me better so that I can be uninhibited before text messages emails. Were things start coming in. I dedicate my time my time in the morning to those things. There are things out there that you guys want to do in the spirit of minimalism and making changes in your life and focusing on the important things. I strongly recommend that you front load your day with those important portent projects creative tasks that you feel. Make you better great advice in fact when I came back from Las Vegas because I was away for so long I felt like had a lot that was piling up so I did write down all the things that I needed to do yesterday when I got through most of them stuff not related to the job bills. Whatever I felt a lot better when it went to bed like when he I went to bed Monday I felt anxious? I wrote them all down and then Tuesday night. When I went to bed I felt a lot better? So it's something I'm going to start doing and not even know that this was going to be your typical tip of the week. How about that? How about that in SYNC I? It's a big. It's a big game changer. I mean I think we just love feeling like we're productive like we're getting things done an and are often yes. We are getting things crossed off our to do list. You know like paying the bills or these task delight don't require much thinking beyond you know pressing a few you buttons we often. There's we say especially around New Year's we say there's all these things that want to do and then when we finally sit down to do it you know at seven o'clock. PM It's like my brain tired long day. I'll do it tomorrow. And then it's just a vicious cycle that keeps happening any reviews. We do have a review. We have some very positive reviews. So we've got to the first one here comes from Young C.. Five Star review the Golden Standard of anime journalism is the title. There's absolutely no question about it area. Who WanNa is an has been the premier MMA reporter for years? Wow sign of comparable competition. Incite thanks mom. That wasn't my mom. Mom knows twitter follow. I'm I I saw her on twitter the other day and I was considering giving her father but then I saw that. She hasn't Tweeden like three years. Wow you didn't just follow her for the sake of following her. I didn't but mom knows it was. I know you're listening to this. Show listen to everything so tweet me something compelling or tweet at me okay hatchery. Underscore Park is. I'm going to have a little dialogue here. I have some things to say about your son. Okay next one comes us from MEG. Chapter Best Ma show ever five stars areas. The best interviewer always ask the questions we want to know is nice and makes owners guess comfortable exclamation point. I look forward to all of these episodes and all these different shows great guests as always love you area with ten exclamation points. USC Superfan I love it. Keep them coming good for my ego. I appreciate it..

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