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I guess i mean that's that's the main goal but like you said there's already been a lot of changes i mean it was that was a big changes we've made you know two three weeks ago at the policy group but swapping a bunch of teams around and they thought that this was a good way to improve all our whole organization and getting to work with todd gordon has been pretty fun even though i haven't been at a race weekend with it's been nice to get to know everybody takes a long time to get acclimated with everybody alex kinda the shortest working with jerry jones microchip but we all worked with the same guy for a long time you know oh and it's nice to mix things up every now and then but yeah you just try to keep improving every year you know we're getting into your four or five for me full time and just you know time restart learn a little bit quicker and when more than one race a year you don't really wanna be that guy and try to try to make sure that doesn't happen try to win win in a lot more and be in contention so how about this brad keselowski v off season that was pretty busy in a lot of family stuff and he's gonna continue talking here for a while so nope just carry grab a chair it's going to be a little bit yeah it was good you know i added a daughter to my family sonoma a family of three and you know you know i was listening to talk talk about his mrs crying i have a wife and two daughters in any given time all three of them are crying and i'm still got why so hawking help with that really tips with that in mind hopefully there will be less crying and they'll have a nice place enjoy i keep hearing you gotta win the coq six when i started i asked us to do to get in that motorhome and it was where you got to win a race so then i wanna race is going to win championships so i wanna championship and then it turned me while you have to win the coq six hundred so i'm afraid when i win the coq six hundred one day that somebody's going to say well you have to lead all laps and so i was telling that story to my wife and then she said well wait a minute isn't the junior and there he didn't win the coq six hundred i said well well we don't have that last name so hopefully we'll get in there but we're all having a little bit of fun with that we've we've had some good it runs here and we had a great shot in the six hundred this past past year i think we wanted to to three two or three of the four state i can't remember was and had a loose wheel there at the end and and kind of got derailed but you know last year was a good year for us and wasn't great you know pence he's made a number of changes to all the teams because a good isn't good enough i think i heard my boss say but you know we want to win the championship didn't have a car in the final four and that's unacceptable to us our goal is to win a lot of racism and win championships so we're push really hard for that i believe that we we have the lineup to get team penske and other championship across the entire platform on i'm super super proud to be a part of that and you know good things to come i think it's great to see the turn out here today says really phenomenal we're so glad to have you guys you know a lot of changes in the motor sports landscape more to come of course as you guys probably know better than i do but you know with that in mind it's great to see that this has not changed turn turn out in the support of the speedway and of this sport itself i'm markus your commitment is certainly excellent coke six hundred to me i drink a coke because i can't have millerton get home but you know what they've done here to this event to make it the marquee event is is really something and start following this page on instagram called loss tracks tracks that have kind one out of business and now they're kind of the walmart parking lot and you know it gives you thump throwing there's hundreds of them you just can't believe how many race tracks have been built over last ask you know fifty to one hundred years that didn't make it and so the investment that the smith family made here and to see a be successful for sixty seven years that's really remarkable that's that's not the commonplace i think sometimes we might take that for granted that all racetracks are successful no exception rather than the ultimate but reality for everyone so it's great to see this event continue to grow i loved video that you showed earlier i can tell you having the name of the families of the fallen on the car every year is really an honor we get to to meet them i think if you members in media have come to some of my events that we have with those families and it's incredibly touching ching just one of the many events here at the speedway that that we're proud to be a part of so i could ramble on forever i'll let joey have his turn.

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