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Award round one of your, Boehner voting, man round, one of, the Boehner, voting is brought to you in part by bomb me what the sandwich phallic a sandwich malicious this. Was a I had a steak bomb me. Very good Oh and it's Monday, time for gracie's Monday jazz, jam with David Halliday and the, jazz vespers quartet from seven to ten Gracie stages open to Loesch local musicians who wished to sit in with the band no cover, and vocalist, horn-players rhythm section players are all welcome guitarists bring your amps gracie's is twenty one and. Older so boater candidate number one off oh that's why California's on fire not because of climate change not because, of. Bad environmental policies, but because God is punishing California. For being So favourable to gay, people that's according to pastor, Kevin Schwantz well that's just science, sure sounds like men Boehner candidate number two There is still kindness in the world so nail. Salon, inside of a WalMart refusing to paint cerebral palsy woman, her refusing to paint her, nails because her hands are too shaky well this. Woman who worked at the subway inside the walmarts all this happened and. Said let's just not nice you by some. Nail polish you come on over here and sit down and all paint your nails very. Nice, woman and Boehner. Candidate. Number three this is a speak up A. Teenage boy at gunpoint robbing a nine year. Old kids lemonade stand jerk Heather. Won, the gracie's gift card and the winner of the Boehner voting number one oh that's why California. Is on fire All right there you go Around one it's not Boehner of the day yet it has to face off, against the, winner. Of round two's Boehner voting we'll. Do, that in an hour well at eight. Twenty s when will start so that's why you need. To be here for that we'll get a winner of that round will take both winners and throw them into the. Boehner fight at nine twenty that's when you will decide Boehner, of the. Day four today, August. Sixth so I was yes my wife went out of town. For a. Couple of days Camping. With some derby friends of hers and they were up in Up by Causey reservoir those. Campgrounds up in. Southwark do they camp with their skates on there, there they go kayaking cause.' And those campgrounds along there in south, fork and Weaver county a, really nice campgrounds but they're always packed full. Of people in. The summer Yep And it makes you. Not I, mean it just makes me not want to go camping. Anymore what happened to her there over the? Weekend what is this has happened to me? Before Inconsiderate people camping next to you You know you're you're. You're you're. Camping like cheek-to-jowl anyway, it's crowded the campsites are nice. But they're close by each other so why in God's name does somebody have to pull up with, their big truck in their generator and then start playing rap. Music as, loud as they can you know what's. It ruins the experience for everyone And, there, are, campground, hosts and it says clearly. On the. Signs quiet hours from, ten PM to six AM or. Something but but that's the Campos apparently the Campos didn't because I would think it'd be bugging the, camp host to independently they didn't come and help or do. Anything the only way that this got resolved is It was the next day they were. Playing not rap music this time but boy. My wife hates reggae reggae music really loud And another in. Another car came, in a big white muscle car came in the night before and it's. Just they, just kept reading their, engine for some reason At two o'clock. In the morning And and so finally this all stop because the next day someone came who was apparently the matriarch of this group Somebody's. Mother. Oh. Grandma's enter our grandma and said you're not, being very, nice, neighbors let's turn this music down? And they okay okay. Because she, was, because she was their mother their grandmother but but why did they do this and I don't understand it's like I, went to a swimming pool on, Saturday with my daughter and for. Some reason there was hardly anybody there. Was. Just. Not crowded at all I thought we're going, to be, a, lot of people there but there? Were for I'd say. Preteen girls Who did nothing but screaming each, other for two hours each other, fighting or Having fun oh now that's that's okay I understand you want to. Have fun but they're just screaming things at each other of hardly anybody. There there wasn't adult there who was in charge of them if it were I And I'm the. Adult there and my kids are screaming for to be going hey hey. Kids Commute here come, here, come, here Just let's hold it, now I know you're having fun but whole need to. Hold it down a. Little, bit there. Are other people yeah Was your a responsible adult just hold you know but but people don't, do it, they don't do it how many times did, you go to a. Restaurant and there's and there's some kid acting out and being, you know, and just being Monroe and. The dining experience how. Many I used we used to go to lake Powell every summer and inevitably you know they're all these little coves you can pull into we pull into a. Co also and inevitably somebody. Would come into the cove, next to us with a big power boat and play. Loud music all night. Going All night Bill I think you're just jealous you weren't, having as, much fun as they were. That's I just people. Are the worst just beyond me, and there's too many of them there's too many people I starting to dumb going with Thanos on this I'm starting to think No kidding. Many people many people get rid of half of. Them and we'll be great it's it's like it's like the incident with the crosswalk in. The guy pulling out the hatchet and the other guy has a gun. What in the hell She us back off, people we've, all we've. All lost our minds now I can't speak to the other instances. That you're talking about but as far as camping goes I thought that was the whole point of going camping get away absolutely you. Know to the quiet Too, often it does happen yeah that, everybody's trying to be quiet and there's one group that's, ruined that's. Just. Now I've been here too Party we've, been we've, been in situations like that where the campground host has, come but a lot of times it's an, old man and old woman you know and if people, want to give him a hard time they're not gonna do any much, about it but but the campground host has come around and said. You, need to hold it and then they will kind of hold it. But then you can hear him grumbling Good, glad they just is there no sense of, awareness of what going on someone in the chat room, says the guy at the pulpit at church yesterday said we need a, new plague because there's too many Lord That's a little much I'm.

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