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At the raiders practice facility now for a good week A lot to chew on Over these last six practices of they've had including on tuesday when they went to bads full not necessarily full pads. But at least it got the shoulder pads and helmets and everything else Up top going Not the not the not the pants just yet. We'll see when they when they add that to the element but I'm sensing a lot of energy out. There sounds like energy There's a lot of passion. I think there's a lot of commitment. I think i wrote this today. It's really interesting to monitor this whole thing for as long as derek carr is going to be here in las vegas. He's going to be the face of the raiders franchise but i think the heartbeat and soul is starting to emerge in. It's starting to emerge in the form of that. Two thousand nineteen draft class. Max crosby cle- farrell hunter renfro trayvon mullen And not just the draft class but You know max crosby. But but also the the undrafted free agents alec goal punter. Aj call The new sarah. Andre james is it's it's a big chunk of this team came from two thousand nineteen group and the more..

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