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Tonight the White House is responding to questions about President. . Trump's health and his mysterious visit to Walter Reed Medical Center the President's physician issued a statement today and it said he could could not. . Confirm rather that the president has not experienced nor been evaluated for stroke many stroke or any acute cardiovascular emergencies as have been incorrectly reported in the media. . Now, , to be clear, , no major or reputable news outlet has actually claimed trump suffered quote mini strokes, , but it does come as a new book claims Vice President Pence was put on alert to take over the duties of president. . Trump had to be put under anesthesia during that November twenty, , one, , thousand, , nine, , hundred trip to Walter reet out front. . Now Dr Jonathan Reiner, , he is the director of the Cardiac Cath Lab at George Washington University and he advised the White House medical team under President George W Bush great to see you doctor Reiner that statement obviously laid out what didn't occur but not what did happen that day? ? Do you believe they're using a straw man argument here? ? Do not address would actually might have happened. . Of course something obviously happened. . On November sixteenth in the afternoon on Saturday, , the president was hurried in urgent fashion in an unplanned fashion to Walter Reed. . Now, , the White House has prodigious medical capabilities. . So if the president was taken to Walter Reed. . He was taken there because there was something going on that they could either treat or evaluate at the White House and the white. House . does not want us to know what that is. . If they did the a presents physician today would have simply said, , he didn't have any neurologic cardiac problem he simply had ex but then won't. . Excited matter <hes> you know <hes>. . So the vice president pence I, , want to actually go back to that question about whether the president's health should be a private matter. . But before we get to that vice president pence was asked just moments ago about being on alert that day and here's what he said. . Nothing out of the ordinary about that moment or or that day, , and I just refer any other questions to the White House physician as far as being on standby. . I don't I don't recall being told to be on standby. . He would think well, , if you were told to be on the president knew you would remember that but do you believe him? ? I think in the Watergate that call that a non denial denial right so yeah, , you would think that if on a Saturday afternoon, , you're called instead and you get to be on standby if you suddenly need to become president this afternoon. . Yeah you might remember that. . So yeah a vice presidents being disingenuous yet when we do need to know what happened that. . So we'll talk about that. . Why is it important for the public to know about the president's health and is it? ? Is it something that that the president of the White House <hes> could say look this is this is a private matter and and we don't want to discuss the president's health any further. . Yes. . So if the president was a private citizen that would make perfect sense, , but the president is not, , and in this election season, , we need to know the health of the candidates for President I've actually. . Written about this, , we know nothing actually about the health of the present the United States if you remember his clearance to run for office was famously pen by Dr Bornstein in New York who then later admitted that the president had drafted the letter for him. . That's the letter that famously said that if elected, , he would be the healthiest man ever to hold office. . We know virtually nothing about the health prison the United States. . Yet, , he holds a the nuclear launch codes in his pocket. . Look we. . Health clearances for airline pilots and school bus drivers and secret service agents. . We should probably know the health of the president of the United States. . And it's interesting as doctors have often used as you point out hyperbole. . I remember one saying he could live up to until two hundred until he was two hundred really quick. . Is there any scenario where it would make sense for the vice president to be on standby for routine physical for the president? ? Not for routine physical if the president was going to receive unconscious sedation if he was needed to be put out <hes>, , let's say he was having a colonoscopy or having a <hes> a cardioversion for an abnormal heart rhythm or needed to undergo surgery with general anesthesia yet. . It would need to be out in the twenty Fifth Amendment would need to be invoked. . But not for just a routine matter.

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