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And also Erin Spitzer in studio. Good morning to both of you. Jeff. How are you? Great. How are you Paul fantastic? Aaron Spitzer welcome back to the show. Thanks. Thanks for having me back today. I wanna make sure you get the exact title. You are a CFP. Correct. What does that mean a certified financial planner? There you go. You got it all these acronyms. Yeah. Right in your business in we get late around. There's a we have a list of how to find a financial adviser and some of the alphabet soup you have after name. So we might go through that. If we have a chance later around Jeff you have more alphabet soup titles behind your negative. I've been around for a while. But the thicky inner office that we believe in continuing education when you could do the continuing education, you get credit for you get a designation that designations we have seal us chart life under a charge financial consultant, certified financial planners. I think Joe is a certified retirement planning specialist. So we believe in the continuing education in the designations proves that we believe that your website the co away dot com. Gives us a lot of background on all of your locations. Now four I believe soon to be five Jeff, right? Yep. We have in the world headquarters in Waukesha. We also have Madison port, Washington, Phoenix and an era Spitzer good thing. He's here today because he's going to be working out of that office right at highway twenty and ninety four hundred oh, that's a good location. Aaron that's not open yet. But soon to be correct. Yeah. We're targeting about a month from now and for most people if you're if you're in the Racine area, and you're going on highway twenty you can't miss the sign. It's about as big as a billboard out. There the coal investment group. Now, so five locations will be saying, Jeff, of course, your world headquarters as you said in Waukesha, but if your net north shore area port Washington office, these are places you get together and meet I guess when needed. I mean is there a rule of thumb how often I should meet with my advisers it as needed Jeff? As Niyaz we'd like to see our clients generally once a year sometimes twice a year and more often, we'll see clients very often if they're close to retirement writer at Ray, the pull the pin, and you wanna make sure that you're not make a mistake on that. You don't wanna be retiring leaving work, and then finding out that. You have to go back at seventy five because there is a slight miscalculation. So we were very careful with that. But generally, I would think especially for. Our clients were me with them twice a year. And that it's not just about the investments it's about the planning as well. And if you go you mentioned, the the website.

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