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In basically all in an effort to to make our clients what's more successful and so so you know whether that's through our lead engagement in qualification real contact on your through offering more powerful marketing services that aren't specifically lead generation focused but focus more on on engaging your database constantly over time baby basically digital marketing digital marketing but also but also the ecosystem that we're building around our product up to forty or fifty plus integrations at this point and and we focus on the best of breed and so you know in order Gotcha to Ichijo. We feel like we need to be the center of of of their universe technology and Sir Stack is related We're not going to do everything but but we're going to integrate with best of breed in you know to that point Daniel out. I'd love to take some conversation line to discuss how you guys might be able go to help us as well to fill fulfill that mission if you're listening we just closed greer my ass boomtown back in love. I love it. I it's awesome. Well okay. You're you're amazing man. I love following your company what you've done over the years if you're listening. I I've I've been to their office. They have an amazing culture and an amazing environment. People love working for this man and I've enjoyed our interview today. Great thanks so much for spending time with us they have me dangling and likewise man can't say enough good things about you guys and and you know just you know you hear you hear about companies through reputations much his industry and and and I can't say I've heard a bad thing about you guys in there that comes from the top so thanks for all. We're doing awesome awesome. If you're listening before you go grab a copy of our Book Scaling Your Business With virtual professionals. All you have to do is text. I 's VP two three one nine nine six and a greer. How would somebody out more.

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