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I have a category called stand and Stare Stanton stairs what they Arba Stas Nadar that did August Sander did Richard Avedon did penn did sit and stare but they're people standing and looking at her passport pictures you know those are descriptions. I knew. I knew any number of by entire lifetime I. Know Nothing about him. You know we rolls we know the role, my mother back to them the woman father played in my life. Does that mean I know? I did what Margaret was thinking when she married him and he was when he married her, you know what were they are I don wasting about anything I'm going to Paris this the a said this before the only two dollars direct experience. The guy says to the woman I love you and she thinks they're going to get married and he thinks he's going to get laid languages. Completely Iran is so anybody who claims they captured anything I've read body. This is a nineteen thirty, two random body and it's fifty eight-year-old Model I'm an old eighty-eight the recalling this year you could get spare parts for this year it's a random body. People don't question anything. They just buy the whole package. We're all prepackaged by the culture by religion. All nonsense I don't care what you think. You know do what you WANNA do. So what are the other three types architects portrait's? There's sanded stare then there's something I. Call The it's in my book read my book it's. Soon to be emotion major disaster, it's there. The other one is called the annotated portrait. Now, that's when I took a picture of my mother yet again, father and brother and I wrote under it. So that's what they look like. The text I said was very liberating said as long as I can remember, my father was said he would write me a letter when I left comedy never said the letter what it would be about. So I wondered what secret the last two of US would share what mystery blind no I'd hoped in reading a letter. I want him to tell me where he had his in hidden his affection but the never let her never came on I never found that place where he had hidden his love. So I'm annotating showing this is what they look like when I was twenty one years old in New, York and my apartment, and they were forty one or fifty. That's a fact that the facts but what I'm telling you about what did or did not happen between so suddenly upped the ante. So the thing is now I showed you what they look like an I told you my version of what it was like to be within and then I did something which I call the let's see I forgot what I called it but I did a portrait of you know Michael Richard Kramer..

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