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He was on auto pick ended up. Having george kill darren waller and he ended up trading daring waller and ended up. You know messing him up. Because george kill was hurt for pretty much the whole season and you know. He didn't have another tight end while he had entre. Henry i believe but hunter enemies not daring waller. So yeah that wasn't really smart trade on his part But needless to say Darren waller's definitely gonna be top three tight end fantasy this year. You know he stays healthy You know he's a guy. Like i said should be taken third fourth round probably and should have another productive season. So let's move on to kind of somebody that. I don't think i ever talked about on the show yet. And that is henry rugs. Now you know only had fifty eight fancy points. Last year played in thirteen games last year. his best game really came against the chiefs where he had seventeen point. Eight points at one hundred. Eighteen receiving yards and a touchdown in that game That was in the week five contest. And did have the game winning touchdown against the jets and thirteen. He had twelve points in that contest. so yeah those are really is only good games. But the reason why i have him here is now nelson galore. Laura's gone And that was like the top wide. Receiver for the raiders last year arguably Tyrone williams is now on the lions even though he played all last year. So this is the year that henry rug steps up. And is that number one option in vegas and i think that you know. Hopefully for his sake he does well. I mean i- outside of darren. Waller i mean who else is on this offense. You know that. I could really think of. I guess hunter renfro but you know he should be. He should take on a much larger role. This year. Henry rugs and i think that if he stays healthy you know he could be productive. You know he showed flashes. You know he's got the speed You know let's see what he does. I think that you know he's probably gonna be taking a lot later in a lot of drafts But you know. I think he could potentially be a guy that you pickup off the waiver wire Or be a bench player. Be a backup for you. Know just in case Anybody gets hurt you know. So that's my thoughts on henry rugs You know what we'll see what happens with that and then of course. You've got josh jacobs. I talked about him earlier in the show you know. I talked about the inconsistency that he sometimes you know circum- to you know in some games you know when he has a good game and then he does really bad You know. And i and i've talked to people that weren't really pleased about that. When it came to josh jacobs. But listen i i think he's a solid number two running back then he's the guy that's gonna get taken in the third fourth round again You know i. I know kenyan drake is there and you know. Let's see what happens with that. That's going to be an interesting situation but you know. What if josh jacobs plays and is effective. He's a good running back. You know so. I i think he's going to be a solid number two running back once again so That's my thoughts on him. So you know. Those are the raiders players. That i think you should draft and then moving on you got the kansas city chiefs now. It's pretty obvious on who you should take I would throw clyde edwards hilar- in there as well. I talked about him early on in the show. But really looking through the chiefs players. I mean obviously the big three. Patrick mahomes travis kelsey and tyreek hill. I think those are the guys you must have and that really outside of that. That's probably it. I mean. I don't really see damarcus robinson or mccoll hardman being guys that you'd wanna take i mean if you're playing in deeper leagues story They could definitely be waiver. Wire pickups you know in case tyreek hill gets injured. But you know. I really see Me taking any of these guys You know now that sammy watkins is gone. I think that gives them more targets. You know we'd have to wait and see how they do with the with an increased role. You know with sammy. Watkins leaving to go. Play for the ravens. But you know like. I said i'd probably you know stick to you. Know leaving them on the waiver. Wire i don't know that's just me You know but other than that you know talking about the guys that you most definitely should take drives kelsey who i rant and rave about say you know he could be a first round pick I definitely would consider taking him if he's available to me You know if i ever first round pick You because looking at kelsey numbers yet. Two hundred seven fantasy points this year or in two thousand twenty was his best by far Was super consistent getting double digit fantasy points pretty much every week. I mean the only game that didn't do good was against the broncos. He only had three points in that game but that was a snow game. You know that was a game where the teams had to run the ball more You know. I think that he could be even better. This year. You know tight end. He's going to be the number one tight end taking off the board and fantasy and I anticipated he's gonna have another great season. I talked about edwards hilar-. I think he could be solid. You know with the additions at the chiefs made in the offensive line. You know and hopefully the run the football a little bit more and maybe he'll be affected because of that the people that are concerned about him worried about his size and stuff like that you know he did have a couple of flashes a couple of good games you know. They just got to give him the football more and be more consistent running the football. And i think you'd be solid number two option At the running back spot tyreek hill. I think is a wide receiver. One definitely is going to be a second round. pick this year second or third round. pick and fantasy Did have his fa- best fantasy season had two hundred forty one point nine fantasy points which was the most of his career Back in two thousand eighteen. He had two hundred and forty one fancy point so he was point nine better in two thousand twenty And some of his best games. He had twenty one points against the jets week. Eight twenty four against the panthers in week nine and he had that crazy game against the bucks re had two hundred yards in the first quarter. Two hundred sixty nine receiving yards three touchdowns at forty four points in that game at twenty three points against miami. In week fourteen he was he was really good in twenty twenty you know. He wasn't injured a lot. Thinking only missed one game. I want to say yes. He didn't miss one game. And i think that was yeah. It was the game where they settle their starters seventeen so he didn't miss a game due to injury which is very encouraging Like i said. I think he's going to be a second third round pick Somebody definitely gonna wanna have on your team. you know. the thing you worry about is the boomer bust Aspect of him because he does have the tendency to do that. But i think it's really hard to pass on him you know especially when he plays in this offense and then of course you have patrick mahomes i. I don't think he's going to be the best fantasy. Qb this year. But i think he's going to be top five once again and you know if he's there and you need a quarterback definitely take him because he's still one of the best in the league. I mean he's still the best quarterback in the league. But i think in terms of fancy numbers he's not going to be the best But like i said going to be top five so yeah. That is my draft analysis of the afc west so with that. We're gonna take our final break of the show when we come back. We're going to talk about the top ten running backs entering twenty twenty one post. Nfl draft post nfl free agency. So stick around. We'll be right back here on the gmc. Fantasy football podcast. Are you looking to get your college football. Beck's looking to get the latest news on your favorite of teams..

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