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I love pop tunes from my ehre the seventies and the eighties. And I love a good love song and one of my favorite. Love songs of all time is from Saint elmo's fire. Remember that one I do very much. totally agree. It was written by David foster who is a legendary songwriter and producer in the music business. He launched the careers of Celine. Dion and Josh Grogan, and Michael Boublil and David is now touring the country with his show called hitman tour an intimate evening with David foster and David joins us on the line. Good morning. David. Good morning, Michael. How are you? I'm fine. Thank you. Hey, lend, and I were just discussing an interview that Elton John gave with a newspaper, and he said he's complaining that a lot of the songs today the contemporary songs, they lack melody he can't sing along with them. They're just beats and hooks. And he has a problem with that. I wonder wondered you agree with him because you wrote some of the most beautiful melodies of all time in the popular music. Well news, obviously, a great. Melody maker. I I think is great music and every decade is great. A to I think pink and Bieber and able the weekend I think they're all making great records with great melodies. But I think that you know. Music changed as it changes every decade. And you know, you don't have the power ballad or some of the songs that we had back in the day. But I think it's I think. Hey, david. We just played a clip of Saint elmo's fire when I was over to NBC sports. We would use that repeatedly for great feature background music for stories were doing I was just wondering did you get paid? Every time we use that. I hope. I don't know. Maybe my ex wife. David. I know a lot of composers on Broadway. And they they all say the same thing, they say, you can teach music theory and music composition. But the one thing you can't teach is melody you just have to have a gift for melody. Where does your gift come from? Know, you're absolutely right. And of course, I get a lot of help from my co writers who were often sayers. So quite often, they're creating a melodies just much if not more than me. So I have that great bonus. But you know, that's why there's some people that are film composers, and then some people that are just orchestrators. They don't know how to write a melody, but they can take a melody and turn it into a grand score. So everybody's got their own job. But certainly on on Broadway. You have to be able to write great melodies. I have no idea where it comes from. But I'm thrilled. When everyone fall down on me those nine times out of ten when it's not good. And then you just wait for that Tim time when somebody calls it usually comes fast, and you kind of surprise yourself. Beckham come at a gift. Here's a gift round with David foster. Great, the composer and producer. And I'm told the you were right there in the studio when this young lady sang this. What a song what.

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