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With it. Learn more quantum dot com slash Gove. Good morning 6 38 traffic and weather on the eighth back to Rita and the traffic centre, updating the situation on the Beltway in Prince George's County. The inner loop slows after 202. The past 2/14 Central Avenue. The crash activity now takes the offer ramp from 2 14 onto the inner loop of the Beltway. You can squeeze by it to the left, but it is causing a super early merge. Trying to get onto the interlude from 2 14 suggests use caution trying to do that. Once you get past it, it looks good had it all the way towards the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. However, once you get across the bridge, keep an eye out on the inner loop through lanes near Telegraph road crash along the right side looks to be out of the roadway, but it is enough to cause the Distraction and the delay. Also in Virginia, eastbound 66 is slow, Adam announces into Centreville trying to get onto north beyond 28. The crash on northbound 28 is before Westfield's boulevard after 66 reportedly over on the right shoulder completely in Maryland, Route one at County Road. The left side blocked each way with the wreck. Fair. Land roads still closed between Tamarack Road in serpentine Way for the crash investigation and north beyond Route one between Queensbury Road in 14, East West. Way they still have the closure for the water. Main break. HTM. Traffic is getting by using the center turn lane yourself bound lanes are open in the district Watch for the delays on the westbound freeway before Main Avenue headed across the case Bridge onto the outbound 14th street bread. Uh, that's where we have a report of a wreck. Not sure what lanes are blocked. Watch for response to show up to the scene north of 90 to 95 after Malcolm X Avenue is a report of erect those delays North beyond your laboratory road trying to get past in South Bound D. C to 95 just the volume delay from Burrows. Editorial Capitol Street with your lanes open, Rid your home of unwanted pest turned to home. Paramount Pest Control called today for Free Inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T O B traffic to prepare you here for a really hot day ahead. Here's Lauryn Ricketts. Lots of sunshine out there today. In today's going to be hotter than yesterday. Yesterday, those temperatures made it into the upper eighties to right around 90..

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