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Maybe not. let's yeah he definitely watched. What do you mean you were with their facetime. You the whole time the press box you was oven but i did see some of the highlight clips though dude jail skinner. My goodness juicy did he was like all over sportscenter. Espn everywhere did that hit. If you haven't seen that hit you've been living under a rock. I'm sorry but like dude. He's destroyed up to cleveland. That dude everyone's reposting it d- and reposted it. It was like even people in the press box will be couldn't share. Were like cheering there. Were like saying. I said oh. Shoot but like the nonsense version of that. And i like yelled at pretty fairly loud and i'm surprised i didn't i didn't get the deed i'm surprised i didn't get kicked out. 'cause i hear so the other day What am i like one of the older dudes that like. I'm familiar with that. I do like the Di do my like game day or no. I like the play play with. He was talking about how he almost got kicked out of the press box in the founded. The press box he they almost got kicked. So the dude who owns the press box almost got kicked out of his own press box really loud and i wanted to skies skied. Whatever it's called well no. It's like the press box box. I forgot what it's called. It's like lewin fill it's. I'll look at it and be like. Oh yeah. i'm not going to remember that. But like it's it's something like that but yes I think and. I've said this multiple times. I think jail skinner is definitely the best player. Boise state better than shakir in. You know an offense shaquir but like is anyone gonna have an issue with using night probably. Maybe i got like his argument with the dude that was like i told bro. Skinner is the best and he was like. Nah and i'm like bro. He's led the led. The team in tackles at safety for like the past like three games. So be quiet you who should shakir khalil. Secure ease the receiver for boise. State your number dose. He everyone was like oh. He's a clear best player. And i think he was at the beginning of the year but like skinner was significantly better as played so much better as the season gone on. But.

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