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That was another commercial, too. Eating the newest flavor Eminem. That was that was scary. My mind was blown. I was very sad. The y'all know imminence coniferous, and they would eat their own. I didn't know that. They were like my nigga. We ate it. Cannibals. Disgusting. I've been watching your door with all this time, and y'all will turn around and eat your own. Yuck. Never eat another. Now can I have yours? Regina hall got a call one or presentation. No about to bring Fantasia out. And it was fifty FaceTime says he owed her money. Yes. Oh him is the mall where I am. I know you got well playing already tomorrow. So I'm a need my money things doing I it was funny when they show him on the camera. What does he was he? Oh, her money. I'll say joke joking. Yes. Apparently, that's what they were going to. Fantasia performed and Fava. God. Dad, one was if you won't get in the fast in her black boot was passed her knees in Honey us, getting our whole-body body. Tell you some justifying woman, Fantasia care, and you have to lust over the men only member got an Email about this. And that person was very demand. You dance care. Woman was fine now. Okay. All right. I guess outdo, the man, you don't write me, okay? I'm just here trying to get not define. Cocoa butter them up sprinkle, some sparkles onto something because they was good for me. The house was out. She also has been flourishing in life yet. She has ever since she got rid of that, man, she met at T mobile that was heating had a wife, Shane lookback relations. I'm happy for. Yeah. Black outfit. I said, I would like to see play storm in the marvel x-men movies. And somebody say, I'll say. Yes, I say, for reasons and they said, what reasons I would need to know. Nick, I'm looking at the reasons what are you talking about? On after she got through, if you don't want me, then don't talk to me going here and for yourself. Right. And. Yeah. It was it was an amazing performance. Because she can sing as well as as as look good. But yeah, the time I was in shambles when she came out with what the gams out for everybody. Everybody's thinking the same thing at the same thing. Yup. This thing about Westinghouse Cardi won an award for best album. I think over the Carters who weren't there. And then, of course, she added is out. It was it was definitely like that was the theme of the night is out. There was. No complaints gist, lots of Regina hall came out, and she man, she had so many goods sections. But the joke, she was making a bow. About how jitter vacation. Yes how she's dead a drug dealer. Each changed substances, you said like dash. It was so fucking funny talking about Sam because, you know, the tragedies that having this year, and it was over gate, married. Trey Songz, having baby. Yes, say this. Okay. Nine Marion Barry songs this. She can kill that shit. And then, that's when Liz okay, mom perform, and Liz, oh, fucking killed it. You know, like it was. Alex English he's been on show comedian Twitter like the black people better, claiming before the white gays, get it, and don't ever come back. She was so fucking amazing to see her blow up this year. Which was interesting because she definitely is having a moment this year. And I was kind of interesting that Megan stallion didn't. I don't think she got to perform. Okay. At least during our wars like maybe I did it before. But I didn't see every form yet. But I feel like she on her way. Maybe next year we'll be looking at her. They're going right. And then the other thing, right? The whole set up her performance with delight wedding cake. The motif was so, but what she was talking and turn around and a fucking flute came out of nowhere..

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