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Surf maces. I love you, baby. Let's do does a cat as well. There's a long set common right now we'll check those roads with Tony Jordan. What's going on with the ongoing cigarette isn't and valleys how found side of the five freeway just past the 1 70 split where big rig ran into the bridge there so Have the two bright lanes blocked off while crews investigated. Make sure that the bridge is so good, and they don't have to make any major repairs to drive is backing up into coming away from Osborne. You've got Glen Oaks San Fernando Road to 10 3, where even the four or five all of those are better options for you. South outside of the 14 freeway. Just before he gets the Agua Dulce Canyon. There is an accent there. Looks like both cars made it up to the right shoulder. But traffic is flowing down from away from Escondido Canyon. Better past the crash. Up to the five and westbound side of the 91 is you're coming up on down the avenue. There's an accent here. Four cars involved carpooling left lane that are blocked up in that back ship coming away from the 605. Check in the back of the traffic tip line is pounded to 50 on your cell phone. Key word. So Cal traffic and they've issued a sig alert for the 7 10 Freeway South found side PCH off ramp. The westbound PCH off ramp is going to be shut down for the next hour because of an earlier problem. That drive is heavy from the four or five Traffic response by Jack in the box. There's a new chicken sandwich combo in town, or you could say Cluck sandwich combo featuring Jack in the box. All new, Thicker, crispier, Juicy chicken filet topped with pickles, Mystery sauce on a brioche bun and a small drink and fries all for 5 99 Come see for yourself or have it delivered Not your traffic. I'm Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning on weather for three my album you new Kesha from hit songs like Tic Tac and praying, But it's your curiosity for the unexplained and mystical..

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