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Jag that the jaguars have he last year. They disappointed yeah. We knew they were gonna request. Regress probably not as much as they did twenty eighteen but i think they're gonna bounce back. They've made some improvement and and so this figures to be pretty conservative offense that wants to establish the run shout out to evans silva right whether or not you want whether or not that's exciting in the modern day the n._f._l. This team seems very much built around making leonard fournette work and i think when you look at those range of possible outcomes and we know he is one of the most powerful one healthy running backs available in the league when at his current a._d._p. Shoot don't tell me this guy can't produce rb two numbers. I'm in mm-hmm yeah i would say. Is this his third year fourth year at any rate. I'm trying to look it up but at any rate i think he he realizes that if he ever want to get a second contract that one way or the other the time is now so i'm kind of with you on for net for all all the reasons just mentioned i called their game on thursday night against the eagles and it's only four nets third year but he he's eligible for a contract extension after this year if he has a big one so i like the logic there for sure especially on the backups and or lack thereof and i and i love his motivation as well. What about <hes> dion lewis. That's not a name. I've heard a lot that one kind of surprised me now so so the dion lewis logic is obviously i mean i'd be lying if i said it wasn't tied to derrick henry availability this season yes derrick henry came on on week fourteen just in time to win a bunch of people fantasy championships but his usage was suspect will dion lewis lewis was used much more frequently early on in the season and and i think people have forgotten about his ability to both run inside inbetween tackles and also catch passes right. We're only thinking of him as a pass catching back but i think in p._r. Friendly formats that also buoy him because when marcus mariota he may not even end up the starter right. We're reading some reports what's on wrote a world that seemed murky about whether he tannahill are like duffer sure started sure it's probably marcus mariota but could there be a changing of the guard. Would anyone be surprised by that. No part of that is because marcus mariota can stay healthy. His mechanics are met also ryan. Tannehill likes to check down that is good for dion lewis and when you look at the online online retailer luan urine special is right <hes> with taylor the one out for the first month. I'm guessing that arthur smith is going to tell his fragile q._b. To check down a whole bunch is get that ball out that also is a place where dion lewis can excel so again part of this is due to his eighty p._m. He's going in the thirteenth round. What else are you doing in the thirteenth route especially noting a._j. Brown we. We're not sure he's a rookie. We're also not sure about his availability. Delaney walker is still is one hundred percent percent right now. You've got adam humphreys which admittedly competes in terms of yardage with <hes> expected yardage with dion lewis but i think at the running back position in the thirteenth round you wanna throw a dart lewis could definitely produce rb three minimal numbers thought it was was funny by the way liz it's because he's suspended for the first four games. The titans played he didn't start the game but then he played like the whole first half taylor lewan in the preseason opener against the eagles which i thought was a little bit weird because all these teams are has indicated there guys hurt but like like you'll have your best off into lyman play because he's suspended for the first four weeks like what if you tears and achilles earn s._e._a._l. This thought i get it but i thought that was is interesting but absolutely their offense of lying is in is it nearly as good with him out and then by the way what if they suffer an injury at tackle one one of the first four games then that's when things really get bad when you get multiple injuries or in this case it suspension at the same position most teams. The next dude in is usually pretty good. That's kind of who i was usually like not the guy you want starting but he's not gonna lose the game for the guy after that. That guy can lose the game for you and that guy can be a major major problem so i like. I like your logic there. Let's get to your receivers this dante moncrieff who i can absolutely understand and marquez valdez gambling which is interesting. Is there enough there for marquez vow skittling to eat opposite devante items liz that is an excellent point and that is the biggest question because it's very it could be very much that the packers there's three main players are aaron rodgers aaron jones if he stays healthy and devante adam so what's left i. I'm not sure but i do know that n._b._s. Is probably the most athletic of these receivers. He's going to have some big some big game. If you're playing basketball go ahead and roll out what boggles my mind and why i wanted to include them in this article all is the g._m._o. Is being drafted ahead of him that to me is such simplistic plug and play rational jimoh. Who is the only reason he's going to be. The the big slack is because he's not explosive. He can't make separation and up on the outside to take the number two spot m._v._s. find you a man who can do both right right like he can definitely work outside and in he did that last year. He and rogers have been working on their timing. When aaron rodgers starts talking up a player and we're looking in a post taylor done article life lifespan here i am paying attention and so i m b s has huge breakout potential and again. He's so damn cheap like why are you not reach your you. Don't even have to read from you will fall in your lap and the upside is there. He earned his quarterback troy. She's been prioritized by the coaching staff and also just for stats. If people like these he caught twenty three of twenty eight catchable targets be at the slot and also brought down fourteen of seventeen balls when working on the outside so his versatility is great drama. Allison has not been particularly durable or dependable so i think you could see an expanded role especially with randall cobb no longer part of that offense and those targets being fed at least partially to n._b._s. Find somebody that calls the packers wide receivers m._v._s._a. and g._m. That's my that's my advice for everybody out there about dante moncrieff with the steelers. I mean i have been on this. Take since april so it's catching got part of the reason i included it was because i am doing a little bit of that fantasy football writer. This was my flag. I sort of thing so i just look at people are like liking james washington now right because of his first preseason action where he hooked up with rudolf his former quarterback and i think he had a nice is forty four plus yard bomb from josh dobbs and like the first opening moments of the of last week's preseason action but i just feel like moncrieff on krief is a red zone weapon and this team is going to need to score some damn touchdowns <unk> big. Ben is going to need <unk>. Okay we could talk about vance mcdonald. Donald every damn year advanced mcdonald's supposed year. I liked dante mockery. He is a big body. He caught seven touchdowns with andrew luck. Two years ago in luck was healthy. I like the he has a nice quarterback. Big bend like the big ben's been talking him up and he's probably not going to have a ton of targets every week right. This isn't the guy that your high high volume guy. This is your high value target guy because a lot of those are going to be in the end zone tight end time liz and this this guy <hes> there's a lot of height mark andrews tight end for the baltimore ravens a lot of hype for a guy by the way that was a fourth round pick the same aim years they had a first round pick tight in but man i read the baltimore writers and they're saying he was by far the best player in camp so far which was interesting. I remember him in the u._s. Army bill. I called that game for n._b._c. and he was excellent. People are all into mark andrews has it caught brought up to his a._d._p. Yet lewis and starting to i don't like it. It is starting to the buzz will because of what you said right. It's not just that beat writers. There's are are saying that he's the most explosive playmaker encamp they've been saying that throughout spring and summer practices that's the drumbeat that people talk about it is becoming deafening happening. The buzz is mounting. This is also a converted wide receiver right <hes> a high percentile spark athlete and he was used. I used in college to bail out his q._b. Numerous times so i like what he's doing last year he flash radiate a let's see two grabs over sixty yards last year which is incredible for a rookie and i look at this receiving corps and there's a lot of potential miles boykin who i like to call kenny golladay two point oh <hes> he has potential marquees brown could do something if he get on the field otherwise though if i'm looking at the players who could bail out a explosive admittedly but quarterback who struggles with accuracy. I think a big bodied athletic tight end is exactly kalihi what lamar jackson needs and that's why you're seeing all these reports about the growing chemistry so i have him projected for fifty three grabs six hundred seventy eight yards and five touchdowns when you look at those double digit rounds where he is still available especially at a position. It's volatile as china. I'm taking it. Her name is liz loza. You need need to check out her stories over at yahoo including the all upside fantasy football team if you want to read more she. She has a lot of stuff there on james winston. I think most people intuitively understand that one. You can check her out on twitter and instagram damn at liz loza underscore fantasy football f f f f atlas lows underscore f f where else are people reading you seeing you the t._v. Show make sure liz podcast. Whatever make sure everybody knows everything. You've got going for the season ellen ariza time so yes i into a podcast twice. A week called the yahoo fantasy football podcast. You can subscribe to that. We have a great time. We have tons of guests on ross. Please come on. We'd love to have you on as well. <hes> i will be joining the cast of fantasy football live for the fifth year. Although the show is now i think in its fourteenth year and that begins ninety minutes before kick-off up every sunday beginning with week one and i'm also doing a new show this year. That's going to premiere the first monday night. What is that september number nine september tenth. It's all just third. I don't even what what is the first sunday. After september nineteen the first monday like ten minute show cover hover three with kimberly. Martin and rachelle dingus will premiere. We're going to have lots of cool gas in fact. I'm rolling from this into a conference. Call a video chat with a guest that will be the incredible so check out cover three when it premieres on september ninth as well <hes> and yeah follow me on the socials in there's articles nicole stares podcasters t._v. shows. You can't miss me. She is a multimedia fantasy football star and her backstory is amazing amazing. You just heard it. I love it. I didn't know before even more of a fan now than i was before a lot of different reasons even though you weren't able to the go-to the number one school in the country still went to a good school. There's nothing to be ashamed of about that. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. If you listen to me on this podcast and you listen to liz twenty minutes you already know she's way smarter than me. That's very very obvious liz. I'd be happy to come on your show. If you need a little line insight to help you differentiate between a few guys certainly let me know thanks so much. Keep killing it. I appreciate you coming on ain't into the night. That was awesome really really enjoyed that by the way there's even more fantasy content. You can get from my dude over at c._b._s. Sports sports h._q. The network streams twenty four seven. They got fantasy. Experts there to help you all to watch stuff like watch some fantasy e-content. They're all over it so whether you play d._f._s. Or season-long they'll give you the info you need to make the right choices for your lineups every every day. Though also bring you the latest news highlights previews and recaps from around the sports world no politics no no fake debates. Just sports for real sports fans the best news of all free. I don't mean free for a week or month. I mean like totally freedom the log in just open the c._b._s. sports app and watch anytime from anywhere on your phone or at home on your apple t._v. Roku or fire tv couldn't be easier download the c._b._s. Sports app and watch c._b._s. sports h._q. Today that'll do it for this. Show today a day tomorrow my ole line tears by the way we also have the even money podcast which we will be launching late tonight monday monday night. Edition don't do that very often. We'll be launching and posting even money podcast. You can check out today. We also jimmy train from sports ford illustrated talking about the media landscape for this year on the ross tucker football podcast but other than that for right now. I am stuffed. We're done tears tomorrow. Please.

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