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Do you see him as heading overall you know if you had to imagine a graphic goes up and down but what's the basic trajectory is it becoming more moderate more pragmatic maybe even more democratic even if not liberal democratic or more authoritarian in the long run if you can characterise what you've seen over ten years of hamas over ten years of hamas rule i've started to talk about hamas in other thumbs than talking about his if it's mold rating will not to me especially my conclusions after these years in gaza is that hamas is a super flexible organization or movement they opened to do anything that they feel can the they can gain from in this i think this was the same before and then they are pushed in different directions connected to the circumstances so what you're saying is that if of the circumstances all opportune they may be flexible in the socalled right direction definitely and take for example how they are talking about relations with israel they offer what they call ehud and the criticism against that is from our point of view is that oh so who'd nice just temporary doesn't mean the final peace but from hamas this the way of motivating from an ideological point of view and against their own members wide they shouldn't fight israel let them believe that let them say to their own that it's just a temporary peace and let the temporary peace continue for a thousand years well that sounds optimistic to me i given of all things being relative as you point out that is dr bjorn brenner who is in italy scholar at the swedish defence university and the author of very interesting new book called gaza under hamas from islamic democracy to islamic government.

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