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And is he a guy who could really come out of this class as a as a day three as a fourth round guy in wind up being one of the better quarterbacks in this class. I think can. And I think the reason is is that if he developed just a little bit more velocity inaccuracy on some of the vertical deep throws. He is a guy who's good enough to be a productive starter. I think has the best footwork in this class securites all forms of drops with precision rhythm officiency. And he's got tempo. There are a lot of quarterbacks don't play with good tempo in college game. And he's always playing at a strong tempo. And you can see it whenever there. He's giving a variety of play fakes selling those or whether he's manipulating defenders with the way that he turns his body, and he's also someone. That's tough in the pocket in terms of being able to take hits, but he can climb and slide and flush from from the pocket and still deliver with pinpoint accuracy because I grade by general accuracy and pinpoint accuracy. And general accuracy is kind of what was like I was joked that Mon Mike Holmgren got dressed down a little bit by Bill Walsh when they were working together after Montana threw a ball rice. That was good enough for rice to stretch in catch any said good throw, you know, to to and prays Joe Joe, Montana and Walsh came over and said, don't you ever tell him a throw like that's a good throw. And it went on to give him a mini treaties on what a good throw was in terms of how it should look. And what pinpoint accuracy was. So I was joked that general accuracy is what Mike Holmgren before though Walsh dressing down with said was good enough. And then you have the Bill Walsh standard. And so you I great both because sometimes. You have to have the Mike home come standard. You know, the pre Walsh standard of that. And then sometimes it's more important. It has to be pinpoint and I think Rippin has very good pinpoint accuracy a lot of his throws. And so I like the toughness with his game. I think that someone that at worst. He you know, if I'm completely wrong about him. I think it worse. He develops into a case keenum type of player, I think at his best. He can be more like what people in vision. Teddy Bridgewater to be before as he was coming on before his injury, someone that can buy time in the pocket someone that can, you know, find the open man throw with anticipation and with good accuracy and show toughness. And so I like his game. I think that he is actually one of the top five quarterbacks in this class. I wouldn't touch Daniel Jones with ten foot pole. But I would take Brett Rippin an instant at probably, you know, at the place where I've probably take Brett Rippin like in the second. Third round. If I had to if I was forced to choose him or Daniel Jones or drew lock, you know, or some of the guys that we mentioned there. But I think that has Thurday picky and absolute bargain to take a shot on because at worst, you get a competent backup. But I think that he's he offers more than that. All right. Final question for you. And you know, I don't wanna go through every single one of the draftable day three guys. But I'm gonna throw a patch Shurmur quote at you. And I'm going to ask you, you know, for one guy we haven't talked about. So put yourself in the situation where you're the quarterback coach Pat Shurmur uses the phrase winning meets these guys when he looks at quarterbacks one of the questions he asks himself is is this a guy that I really want to coach. Is there a guy among the quarterbacks today? Three guys, whatever their guy that we haven't talked about yet that if you were a quarterback coach, you would say I really wanna work with that guy and see what we can do. Yes. And there's three guys, and I'm not gonna I'm just going to mention the other two by name. I won't mention much about their game. And then I mentioned the guy that I really like there's Tyree Jackson. There's his son Kyle. Yeah. That one I don't think is going to happen..

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