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Animal. I want to smell it at one more time. I liked the way it's. I don't think there's anything wrong with a guy where does it smell too. So let me smell pets back to me. That's lilies of the valley antiperspirant deodorant. I think it actually smell good on the guy as long as you're not like reason, you're pit and like having him smell it from that way. You know, I think like we're doing today. Passing it around the studio. This is the new DOD at that Jane Goodall getting behind. She actually gets five percent of each of the purchases. It goes back to organization the Jane Goodall institute and on the phone with us. We have the CEO of Schmidt's the makers of this in a perspiration. Michael camaraderie joining us. Hi, Michael. How are you doing? Pretty good. How about yourself? Very good. You know what? I'm very impressed with your life story. I, I got a little background about you. Wikipedia God bless. You are really kind of an entrepreneur have always been since your early teens and you were actually a millionaire when you were in your early teens that, correct. Am I reading that right? Is Wikipedia right? The yes. Thank God for computer and the internet? Yes. What were you doing at thirteen that made you a millionaire can be honest. I started out playing video games, computer games, playing a game starcraft. I got really good at it. And then I started making websites and then hosting and then hosting other people's websites. And next thing you know I had over ten thousand accounts, pay me over a hundred bucks a month to host the websites. Wow. So how does that lead to the anti purse bird and deodorant business. Oh. Though, I guess from web hosting to online advertising. So thirteen seventeen and web hosting than online advertising, seventeen to.

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