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Currently at the plate now too small sample size not striking out nearly as much. We've seen how he settled down the defense. He's among the league leaders defensively and metrics in center field but that has been a big addition quietly for this club. Yeah i think there is no doubt that any fancy watch games closely over the last forty five years when here baiters uses hope that he doesn't fish at those pitches that are down in a way and he's shown much better discipline this year titled neil as well very much in the same situation you know hitters knew how to get him out and now Bill betas doing a better job against right handed pitching. Which was the key for him. You know coming into this year. He's always had left pitching very well but he had to pitch right be credible enough against right handed pitching that they were comfortable to play every day. And you know again. A tiebreaker is clearly his defense he also very good on the basis. So you know. It's nice to see harrison baiter step up and and have a solid season. That really helps that bottom third of the lineup. Brian lynch jump into the minor leagues will start with memphis. What what's happening right now. With the memphis redbirds. Birds are are playing well in spurts. Pitching has been a little bit behind but we saw both the infielder. The veteran infielder as it were brought in this year. Maximum off and Jose ron don't play well drug and a lot of runs. Hit four home runs. Each was a little bit of a surprise. More i've got the call to come up. But he was much hotter at the time then then rondeau and went. Saint louis had an opening lars. Newt bar who's an outfielder that we haven't talked much about up from aa hitting over three hundred. Opiates over eight hundred winning doing a nice job as well and then counter capable who is also playing. Well so it's nice to see that the the the red birds have some some backup on the offensive side on the pitching side. The scandal clearly has been a matthew. Liberator is made three starts as your as a little bit high but he's been very consistent fourteen strikeouts and seventeen third innings only four walks and that thompson on the other hand has struggled a little bit more Especially with the ox in gave up three long balls already so thompson actually pitched in one game out of the bullpen as they're trying to figure out how to get get right but you know one of the things that we've looked at for saint louis left-handed hasn't been solid this year. In you know. I don't want to say that it's going to happen anytime soon. But if liberty keeps pitching like this you know he could be a guy that the cardinals could call on in the second half to to work out of the pen from the left side versus you going out and picking a picking up a guy scrappy. How are they doing it. Is it a piggyback system primarily with memphis in the rest of the minor leagues. No there must be running five man rotation and it's interesting because as we've talked about before a big change in the minor leagues. This year is a six game series. Every tuesday through sunday. So you know if you go with a regular five man rotation what happens is the same. Starting pitcher pitches game one and then again game six but generally speaking. The cardinals have gone with five man. There's a couple of cases where they're running with piggybacks down in class but overall they're going with more standard rotation now guys aren't pitching in deep into games partially because of the fact that most of them weren't pitching last summer but also as we get more and more information on metrics and all. It's much harder for pitchers pitch that third time through a lineup..

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