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The iheart radio app okay what a game a united states picks up an eighth gold medal in south korea after the women's hockey team beat canada in a shoe route to win gold for the first time since 1998 as cbs's ben tracy tells us it's the first shootout tiebreaker in team history this was a grudge match between the wolves to hockey powerhouses so it's only fitting the game with all the way as a to a shootout tied after five shots each joslyn lambah rude david's in scored in the extra round he was then up to goalie matti rooney to step the camp she did two two and women's hockey team captain megan dugan of a danbury says the win as a dream come true and just so proud of our team the way we fought till the end um you know you got a twenty year old goaltender in there in a shootout just stealing the show and it was a full team afric today it was a full team effort where the country behind us we're just so proud and so on it and we're proud of youtube by the way united states beat canada three two two in that shootout wbz news time 1040 the largest teamsters union in new england is throwing its support behind the reelection of republican governor charlie baker teamsters local 25 of boston calls baker the best candidate to strengthen the economy and create jobs the local teamsters also pointed to the governor's willingness to work with labor leaders here in the commonwealth secretary of state bill galvin thinks it's too about setting the stage for the twenty presidential election he's talking about a law a lawsuit i should say that was filed against himself and governor baker by a coalition including former governor bill weld chapel jinqiao massachusetts and three other states divvy up their electoral college votes galvin who says he and governor baker will be defended by the attorney general think this is fueled by donald trump's winning the white house despite losing the popular vote were really thing here were be legal issue of over you we go into issue will be one or court clear if we wary and mortar politico issue which is uh people of figuring out how they can gain the system for the electoral college 2020 and uh i guess what suggest to us booker 2020 or preferential watching has already underway in gavin thinks the hope is that.

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