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I'm john batchelor its privileged to have both the coauthors of jfk in the reagan revolution the secret history of american prosperity a book that can inspire the democrats listening to us right now consider the roots of the taxcut bill now moving through the house and senate is john fitzgerald kennedy by himself reversing the new deal the keynesian thinking of the new deal which is still with us but jfk was the author of where we are now gentleman with you bryon the individual mandate that news tonight that larry headlined but i want the the facts of this on the taxcut bill is that leeson mcaliskey of alaska now supports eliminating the individual mandate we've heard from other authors and i believe this picks up at deal of money for the taxcut bill is this good is this good for the taxcut bill obrien looking at it as a four growth it would be just simply a win win in other words we would leave the personal schedule essentially where it is we would have a very considerable pet rate tax rate cut cooperate right now highest in the world and we would undermine the center of obama care that would justify off to us about american economic future it's a very good thing scott john craig the of judge roberts you may recall who defined over he just signed the mandate as the tax and therefore said okay congress can do this so that was the big deal plenty uh i've argued since for a long time that rakkad shutting uh rolling back uh as much obamacare's fossil because it's the tax so it's a tax bill in a spending bill and a terrorist attack bill and the whole thing works and i think they're actually going to do it and um by the by people like senator murkowski and senator collins are okay with this this is an interesting thing all they ask as that the socalled costsharing which is essentially the government's bail out of the insurance companies uh go okay that's what they're asking and by the way that is going to happen anyway so surprised surprise we may wind up as prion said nakanishi gouge out of obama care asteroid hadn't giving us a pretty darn good business tax cuts which uh i i don't know if anybody believes his numbers but supposedly the peeling the mandate whereas three or four hundred billion dollars so and whatever.

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